Welcome to your beauty-teck

Phone Number with international code
Does  Start Counter control the maximum duration of the arc?
when the arc is off then the Whole counter stops counting?
Does whole Counter Mode control the duration of the ARC?
What you are able to do with Whole Counter?
Beauty tech can be used for Both Aesthetic and Certain Medical  Applications
Which Statement is correct according to the Whole Counter?
New Beauty-teck device is wireless?
You are never going to exceed the duration of Arc timing with Start Counter?
The device starts counting when it detects the arc take place?
The beautyteck is a Hand-held device.
The BeautyTeck has many power levels?
Keep the area clean and avoid infections until the scabs have formed.
Apply any plasters on the area treated
Consent form signed by the client before you start any treatments should be?
What are the things to know while using plasma?
Plasma, avoiding mistakes includes:

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