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Training Target
  1. How to operate a machine & how to maintain it;
  2. Skillful operation of HIFU machine in a safe manner and how to handle efficiently for the better result;
  3. How to introduce HIFU machine to customers and communicate with customers smoothly.
Training Target
  1. About the outlook of the machine and how to turn on /off and why should we need to pay more attention to machine operation.
  2. How to operate the display of the machine;
  3. About what types of application the hand pieces have & how to operate it;
  4. How to use a machine to treat customers;
  5. How to communicate with customers about machine operation;
  6. How to maintain the machine and solve common breakdown.
ExaminerAssistant Examiner

Any questions after training, please contact our company’s training department,
Telephone:0086 755 27832600.



 Introduction of Hand-Pieces

The outlook of 3 hand-pieces is similar. The differences of 3 hand-pieces are the depth of treatment (4.5mm/3.0mm/1.5mm) and length of energy for treatment. We often treat one face with two different depth of hand-pieces for better results.

Theory of Hand-piece TechniquesHIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound. The ultrasound power reaches to lower end of skin called SMAS layer. The power helps the SMAS layer to improve sagging skin effectively by 4.5 mm depth hand-pieces. When the power reaches into 3.0 mm depth on a collagen skin layer that helps collagen to reproduce and regenerate. Collagen is kind of a protein and it recovers skin elasticity, whitens skin, removes wrinkles, shrinks pores and cures anti-aging problems.

  • Hand-pieces for the first treatment: It is used to identify area of skin treatment. It often covers the whole face with high intensive energy. Patients may feel a little hot on skin and pain on cheeks and chins. During treatment, they may feel pain on tooth also. Because the energy passes to SMAS layer of the jaw and there are several intersecting blood vessels grounded in the gum of tooth。Hand-pieces for the second treatment: It is used to treat on SMAS layer of the lower jaw and the corner of eyes. Patients may have a little pain during treatment.
    Hand-pieces for the third treatment: It is used to treat into the dermis layer. The treatment helps bone collagen to shrink and then collagen starts to regenerate and regroup to recover skin elasticity. Heat into the dermis layer makes the skin tighten. Patients may have a warm feeling on the face that similar to the feeling we have during SPA.

Ways of Treatment on Face & Neck

  1. Diagnose face to be treated before operating machine. Clean & dry face and neck, then coat gel, and at last operate HIFU machine.
  2. We often treat with 4.5 mm depth hand-piece on jaw (chin bottom) to cheek to slide lift & transverse towards forehead  (as  picture 2) and avoid orbital bone & triangular
  3. we often treat with 3.0 mm depth hand-piece from jaw (chin bottom)  to cheek  to slide lift & erect  towards forehead  (as picture 3) and avoid orbital bone & triangular. the starting point (image),  intensive slither&lifting upward, end point。
  4. we often treat with 1.5 mm depth hand-piece on the full face to slide lift & erect ways upward( as picture 3) and avoid orbital bone & triangular.



  1. Contour & shape face: Remove wrinkles on the forehead, around eye and lips; tighten and shrink double chin; recover skin elasticity; improve skin texture, delicate, smooth and whiten skin.
  1. Facial layer (SMAS) cell regeneration: A focused ultrasound with non-invasive treatment promote SMAS layer to grow a lot of collagens that delay skin aging.
  1. lifting and tightening the skin around the eye and eyelid with the removal of wrinkles

Improve eyelid drooping, eye bag and wrinkles around eye、lift eye and brow, to make the eyes look bigger and more vivid.


Applicable for the following person:

  1. Person have wrinkles on face, around eyes, forehead, neck, nasolabial folds, stretch marks, etc.;
  2. Aged person having loose and sagging skin;
  3. Person have double chin, and the corner skin of the eyes is sagging,  and the end of eyebrow skin is sagging;
  4. Person have loose skin and bloated
  5. Person who has facial skin laxity, and have much fat on arms, buttocks and abdomen, and lose figure shape after childbirth。


Pay more attention when operating the machine

  1. Operate machine on the skin, but avoid orbital bone position and angular position (lips, mouth bone box, nose).
  2. A person will feel a little discomfort during the treatment cycle due to the production of heat on the skin which is transmitted through the different layer of skin and rebuild collagen.
  3. The treated skin will have a little redness; normally after treatment, and it will alleviate and disappear within a few hours.
  4. Patients won’t allow having any metal jewelry during the treatment course.


 Recommendations for Treatment Courses

  1. Lifting skin and removal of wrinkles course:Person have much fat on the face, or have an out-shaped face, or have many wrinkles on face and forehead, or have Nasolabial folds, or have fishtail lines.
  2. Remove double chin course: Remove, shrink and lift the double chin.
  3. Anti-aging on neck course: Person has wrinkles & sagging skin on the neck.

 Be treated 3 times as a treatment course for the above person:

  • One time one month,it will need to treat one time only for the person who have pseudo-wrinkles and want to be treated lifting parts on face.
  • It will treat 1 time in one month, and the last two times for the person who has Mild aging skin.
  • It will be treated 1 time in one month, and lasting 3 times for the person who has severe aging skin(38 years old—50years old Mature skin slow metabolism).