Start Counter

The duration of the arc is very important. When we meant to use the devices for skin-tightening, therefore, the power level is very low. It is quite challenging to control the arc efficiently using your hands and eyes or the overall duration of the arc when we are working in the region of the milliseconds. So in order to resolve this problem, we have introduced two functions one is the Start Counter and the other is the Whole Counter.

The importance of the Start Counter is the same as the Whole Counter. But it is not advanced as the Whole Counter. Both are giving the option to control the duration of the Arc digitally because the duration of the Arc is extremely important for aesthetic purposes in plasma devices. This is the only first device so far, which is giving an option to operate in the milliseconds’ region. No other device allows you to do the same thing.

So with the Start Counter, we control the maximum duration of the arc, so we can also call it the max counter. When we control the maximum duration of the arc, so it basically increases the safety of the treatment.

Example – If you are doing eyelid tightening and you want to make sure the Arc doesn’t go more than to 600 milliseconds. Then you can set the start counter at 600 milliseconds and you will never go to cross the duration of the arc 600 milliseconds.

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Importance of the Arc duration

The duration of the Arc is extremely important in the aesthetic treatments for skin-tightening. Moreover, it is important in the spot mode and spot operation.

The Arc duration is directly proportional to the amount of energy that you deliver onto the skin and which is extremely important. It is also proportional to the intensity of the treatment.

If you place the Arc onto the skin for a too long time, then it may damage onto the skin and, if it’s too little or short, then the outcome is not going to be the good as you want.

Note: You can set the maximum duration of the arc. So that means you can set it up from 30 to 500 milliseconds or whatever length you want.

The intensity of the treatment depends upon three parameters when we use the spot mode and spot operation.

1 The duration of the arc
2. Distance between the spots
3. Power level of the device that you are using


If you have a device that allows you to change the power of the device, then it is easy to control the power levels of the device. But one of the problems with all the devices on the market, is the lack of control the power levels. Fortunately, we have solved this problem, in the Beauty-teck plus device. There are several power levels in the beautyteck device and, moreover, you can easily control the spots distance.

The Duration of the arc is a parameter which is not very easy to control because so far, we can control the Arc by only using hands, eyes or button on the device. It is a bit challenging for the human to control the duration of the arc efficiently. In our device, we have solved this problem because, as we know the human eyes are unable to detect when the arc is OFF or ON. But, a computer can detect the arc, when it is OFF and ON, so, in the Beauty-teck device, a computer counts the milliseconds of the Arc.

How start counter works?

If, the target time is set at 600 milliseconds in the Start Counter Mode. What the device does, it Switches ON the TIP of the Device and waits for the arc to take place. It does not start counting up until it detects the arc. When the arc is detected then it starts counting.

On the right-hand side graph, we set the device at 600 milliseconds. So when the arc is ON the computer Starts Counting immediately and keep the TIP of the device ON for exact 600 milliseconds. It doesn’t matter the Arc is ON for 10 milliseconds or 50 milliseconds or 590 milliseconds. It will keep the TIP-ON for 600 milliseconds. That’s really very important to understand this thing.


Difference between Whole Counter and Start Counter

Start Counter

  • Set the maximum time of the Arc.
  • In the start counter Soon as the arc to take place the start counter starts the counting the duration of the arc and its finishes exactly at 600ms. it does not matter how much the arc takes place for 5 milliseconds, 1m, 10mm.
  • So the Start counter gives you the option to make sure you have maximum time of the arc limit and the limit is digitally controlled.

Whole Counter

  • Set the Whole Time of the Arc.
  • In the whole counter what we do is actually counting the total time of arcing for example 600 milliseconds. The device will make sure that the arc duration in total 600 milliseconds it doesn’t matter the interval in between. When the arc is OFF it will still wait to the arc to take place (ON), whether the arc is OFF for 10, 20, 50 milliseconds. It up until counts overall 600 milliseconds.
  • The whole counter we call whole counter because it counts the whole time of arcing.