Body Sculptor

The benefits:

  • Very Effective in Fat cell Destruction.
  • Compact unit.
  • Slick design.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Effective in Ultrasound Breakage of the fat cells at 40KHz.
  • 3 Unique pulsed options of the ultrasound function.
  • 2 RF skin tightening tripolar heads.
  • Face Radio Frequency head Capable to operate at very low settings up to very high intensity currents. Tripolar head to deliver the three effective High Frequency currents at once.
  • Body Radio Frequency capable to operate at very low levels up to very high setting. Tripolar head to deliver the three effective High frequency currents at once.
  • Full training provided online. Several video and content available for your reference.
  • Areton Help line for any questions you may have in connection with the unit operation and the treatments.

Mild to Very High RF Intensity.

The RF intensity of the unit spans from very low power settings which you can hardly feel to remarkable high intensity treatments only possible with large  bulky units. This applies to both the face and body RF Hand-Pieces.

  • 20 Power levels of the RF hand piece. The RF face hand-piece at level one delivers very low intensity RF power at the lowest power level. Whereas the highest power level delivers high power which sometimes surpasses that of bulky units. This makes the “Areton Body Sculptor” a very versatile tool which can deliver very powerful collagen stimulation and the tightening  previously only possible with bulky and expensive units.
  • 10 RF Body power levels.

Fat Cells Targeted Ultrasound at 40KHz.

Not only the intensity of the unit operating at 40KHz makes this a professional unit, also the selectable pulsed waves make this cavitation a versatile professional tool.

10 intensity levels.

For modes of operation:

  1. Continuous 40KHz Wave. 10 Power levels.
  2. Slow Pulsed Wave. 10 Power Levels.
  3. Medium Speed Pulsed Wave. 10 Power Levels
  4. Fast Pulsed Wave. 10 Power Levels.

What does the Areton Body Sculptor include?

  1. The unit with one year warranty from Areton Ltd.
  2. Areton Ltd’s Skype support about the various treatments possible with the unit.
  3. Online training on all the treatments.
  4. Certificate of training completion after you have passed the online tests.