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What is Beautyteck Plus Device

To improve treatment efficacy and safety, The BeautyTeck Plus Plasma device has entered into the aesthetic world for Upper and lower eyelid lifting, tightening tattoo removal, and other all benign skin lesions. Read More 

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Start Counter

The duration of the arc is very important. When we meant to use the devices for skin-tightening, therefore, the power level is very low. It is quite challenging to control the arc efficiently using your hands and eyes or the overall duration of the arc when we are working in the region of the milliseconds.
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Whole  Counter

Whole Counter Mode is one of the most important function in the new Beautyteck Plus device. Nowadays, one of the problems with all the devices on the market is the lack of digital control of the arc duration.  Read More

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Pulse Mode

The main reason for introducing the PULSE mode is to allow you to use hot plasma, not cold plasma to do skin resurfacing. When you do skin resurfacing using hot plasma, the PULSE mode allows you to do Meso Therapeutic treatments. Because after you have done the skin resurfacing using PULSE mode, you can apply whatever product you like on the part of the skin you have treated and the skin will be very susceptible to absorbing almost any kind of product that you are putting on it. So Pulse Mode gives you an extra edge towards your clinic. The most important point is that you can use HOT Plasma to do skin resurfacing without anesthetics.  Read More 

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