Comparative Cost Analysis

3 in 1 HIFU device, the classic HIFU, and Multiline HIFU Device.
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Name of the

Number of lines per cartridge Treatment Area DL 1.5mm DL 3.0mm DL 4.5mm DL 6.0mm DL 8.0mm DL 10.0mm DL 13.0mm DL 16.0mm Cost per line
3 in 1 HIFU Device


Face £249 £249 £249 £0.0498
Body £249 £249 £0.0498
Vaginal £299 £299 £0.0598


Face £249 £249 £249 £0.0498
Body £249 £249 £0.0498
Vaginal £299 £299 £0.0598
Classic HIFU Device 10000 Lines Face £299 £299 £299 £0.0299
Body £299 £299 £0.0299
Vaginal £299 £299 £0.0299
Multiline HIFU Device 10000 Lines Face £599 £599 £0.0599
Body £599 £599 £599 £0.0599

The 3 in 1 HIFU device is capable to deliver a single line of energy per shot and each of the cartridges can perform 5000 shots in total. So, 3 in 1 HIFU device can deliver 5ooo lines of energy per cartridge. The other device is classic HIFU and it is also a single line device. But each cartridge of this device can deliver 10000 lines of energy in its lifetime which is two times higher than the 3 in 1 HIFU device. It means that delivering the capability of energy is two times higher in classic HIFU device comparing with 3 in 1 HIFU device. 

The latest advanced Multiline HIFU has 11 times higher capacity to deliver energy in one shot, because, it performs 11 lines per shot. The multiline HIFU device uses the cartridge which has 10000 shots of lifespan. Comparing with classic HIFU device, the cost per line of the shot is higher in multiline because the cost of the cartridge is higher.

Both 3 in 1 HIFU and classic device have a similar delivering capacity which is delivering a single line of energy per shot. However, having different capacity of cartridge, the classic HIFU is comparatively cost effective. But, multiline HIFU is more advanced in cost-cutting because it can deliver 11 lines per shot and this can minimize other costs by minimizing treatment time.

Multiline HIFU Device


The multiline HIFU is technically advanced and has become a cost-cutting treatment option nowadays.  Delivering 11 lines of energy per shot makes this device unique and also cost-effective. The cartridges of this device can deliver 10000 shots in its lifetime. The cost per line of shot is higher because the price of cartridge is higher comparing with HIFU classic. But delivering 11 lines per shot can minimize treatment time and so it could minimize other associated costs.