Read XanthRemover General Instructions & Introduction

Remember, this product is a potent tool as such, any misuse can cause injuries and unpleasant experiences, including swelling of the upper and lower eyelids. Misuse of this product could lead to loss of vision, especially when applied close to the eyes.

Patch testing that last 12 days must be followed before any full application of this product. Failing to perform the patch tests that last 12 days may cause injuries.

 It is essential to perform the patch testing, because if this is not done, you are likely to misuse the product. The patch test regimen is designed to avoid unpleasant swelling and avoid injuries.

Swelling following the application of the XanthRemover on the upper or lower eyelids.

Please note that if major swelling of the upper and lower eyelid appears the day after the application of the product on the upper and/or lower eyelids, this is usually normal, especially if the product is misused (meaning no patch testing was performed prior to the full application). The swelling can be major and cause temporary loss of vision. Major injuries to the eyes could cause permanent loss of vision.

Use with extra care!

For medical advise please refer to a medical professional.

Read the instructions below before use, do not attempt to use before reading and understanding the instructions.

XantheRemover Applications Instructions



Only use this product after you have read and understood the patch test instructions below. This product contains high percentage glycolic acid and it is meant to burn benign skin lesions and be used for deep skin peels hence you must follow the mandatory patch tests before use. This product is a very effective potent tool and as such must be used appropriately. Do not attempt to use it before completing the full patch testing as described in detail in the instructions. Please note that the patch testing procedure lasts for several days and must be observed and completed precisely as described.

Please note that incorrect use or incorrect aftercare use can lead to:

Unnecessary swelling (temporary), discomfort and pain

Scarring, Hypo and /or hyperpigemntation, Infection and/or delayed healing if the inappropriate aftercare is used, Unexpected downtime, distress due to unexpected downtime.