What If XanthRemover doesn’t work for me ?

If you are frustrated the XanthRemover does not seem to burn your skin there are many things you can do and it will work! Please bear in mind that you are on two sides of the spectrum. Some people say it burns their skin very effectively even too effectively and others say it does not burn at all and it does nothing to them. How is that possible? The same product opposite feedback… The issue is that each skin type is different. Some people have very dry skin which allows the Glycolic acid to do its burning effect very easily and others have very oily skin.

If you are some of the very few people who does not see any burning there are a few steps that will make the product burn your skin or the lesion you are trying to remove.


1 De-grease your skin where you want ot apply the Xanthremover. you can do so in a number of ways:

1.1 wash the skin with soap a number of times. This is the first line of de-greasing the mildest. Try if this works.

1.2 De-grease once you washed the area applying vinegar with a cotton pad and rubbing the skin with it a number of times. Try and see if it works. Vinegar is the second-best way to degrease your skin.

1.3 De-grease once you washed the area applying ACETONE with a cotton pad and rubbing the skin with it a number of times. Try and see it works. Vinegar is the ## best way to de-grease your skin. After applying acetone your skin will have been de-greased in the maximum possible degree.

2. Increase the timing of the application. The longer you keep the product on the skin the deeper the chemical burn. You may decide to keep the product on your skin far longer than usual even for hours if you want, this is up to you. You decide how much ablation you want.

If all else fails you can get in touch with us and we can help using WhatsApp.

If still dissatisfied, please note that we have a money-back guarantee policy which you may still decide to use.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]