Limited warranty duration

The standard warranty when purchasing the plasma generating device for the first time is 12 months. The warranty term starts when the money exchange has taken place or when the device has been handed over to the user, or whichever occurred earlier.

However there are after sale options available and the warranty duration for these options are either 3, 6 or 12 months depending of the option selected by the buyer.  Therefore when we refer to the warranty term this can vary according to the option selected by the buyer at the time of purchase of the after sale service.



Basic Limited Warranty Terms.

The Seller (Areton LTD) undertakes to replace or repair, at its option, any goods supplied by the Seller (save as provided in (f) below) if a defect in material or workmanship arises under conditions of normal, proper use and maintenance (fair wear and tear excepted), provided that all of the following are true:

a) The goods were operated and maintained in accordance with the Seller’s operating instructions.
b) The claim is first notified promptly in writing to the Seller.
c) The defect occurs within the term of the warranty from the date of receipt of the goods by the Buyer.
d) The goods have been repaired or modified by parties different than the Seller or approved repair company by the Seller.
e) In the case of goods not of its own manufacture, the Seller’s responsibility shall be limited to the passing on to the Buyer the benefit of any guarantee or warranty given to the Seller by the manufacturer of such goods.
f) Filaments, gaskets, targets, electrodes, batteries, parts subject to wear and tear and consumable items are themselves excluded from the warranty provisions.
d) The Casing has not been opened and tampered with.
e)Full payment for the given device had not been made in full to Areton Ltd either by the reseller or end user.
f) The serial number does not match with those on the Seller’s record for the particular end user.



Third parties’ warranty (or transfer of warranty).

This applies when the goods or products are resold by an approved distributor or reseller. The warranty rest only with the original purchaser of the goods or products and it is not transferable. The warranty will expire at the end of the term established by the receipt of goods from the original buyer. In case the buyer resells the goods or product the warranty will not be transferable to the third party.

Areton Ltd shall extend this warranty from time to time and at Areton Ltd’s sole discretion to the third party .  Areton Ltd may decide at its sole discretion to extend this warranty to third parties (as a gesture of goodwill only), in case the end user or reseller has notified in writing the manufacturer (Areton Ltd) of the transfer of ownership and supplied full contact details of the new owner of the goods (See the Section “Registering the unit with the Manufacturer” for further details.  Transfer or ownership shall only be exercised by approved resellers or distributors for Areton Ltd to consider discretionary transfer of warranty to third parties.


Registering the unit with the Manufacturer.

When the unit sold by an approved reseller or distributor, in order to take advantage of the full duration of the warranty, the unit must be registered with Areton Ltd. This can be done in writing by email to or in writing to the registered address of the company.

If the reseller registers the unit, the dealer must specify: date of sale, unit serial number, contacts of the end user.  In case the unit is not registered within one month from the date of the sale made by the distributor no claims shall be made by the end user with the manufacturer in connection with the unit’s warranty. The end user must get in touch with the distributor or reseller in connection with warranty repairs and the terms of warranty are determined only between the the reseller (or distributor)  and end user, unless the end-user registered the unit in writing (to with Areton Ltd within one month of time of purchase.



Return of goods for warranty purposes

During the term of the warranty, the cost of returning the goods to the Seller will be met by the Buyer or local distributor, with Areton LTD paying the return costs from the factory to Buyer or distributor. No free courtesy unit is provided during the repair time.

Please note that no losses of revenue can be claimed due to equipment breakdown, even if this is due to manufacturing faults.

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