The legislation is below:

It is not to be confused with Guidance.

It is the legislation that is enforceable in the courts of law, the guidance is not enforceable and it is for the bupose of guidance of the public sector as what to aim for nothing elese.

Therefore if buidance is used in the court of law to demonstrate a point of law this ieasily dismissed as not part of the legislation, and therefore not enforceable bu the cuourts, in essence what counts in the court of law  is the law not guidance . If there is any inconsidtency the law is waht is enforceable not the bnuidance.


It is impotant to empasise that the lae of class E does not provides powers to the executive to impose any say on the internal layout and utilities of the outbuilding only on the factual use of the outbuilding at any given time. Thereofe if a bathroom or kitchen for koocing facility are installed therse can be still used within the scope of the part E as incidental to the use of teh dwelling ouse, should there be any attempt of enforcement in conenection of the outbuilding it is the remit of the local council to prove the use of the outbuilding being outrwitdh the scope of class E.