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In order to have our training certification, you will have to pass our knowledge tests. It may take a while to go through them all however you may appreciate that there are a vast variety of treatments using our HIFU device. Because of this, it may take a while to absorb all the knowledge

The tests have been designed to validate and consolidate your knowledge and you will be able to view the answers if you wish to do so

HIfu Training and Certification

We have devised these tests in groups so that you can take them in your own time without rushing.

Once you click on one of the following links you will find Test.  Click the button and the test will appear after a few seconds. Depending on the network the waiting time can reach up to 30 seconds.

Online Tests

Take Our Online Quiz Tests

Classic Hifu 

Multi-Line Hifu 

3-in-1 Hifu 


General Hifu

Traning Manual Test

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