We are introducing a new option for our distributors.

The rental from Areton Ltd. Please note that we are only renting one device at the moment to trial this offer, if we find that it works then we will extend it.

  • Price 120 GBP per month including delivery. The device will not include battery charger.
  • Buy out option for the standard price list at a later stage. The warranty will last for a year after the buy out payment.

You require to pay this amount though Paypal and set the ongoing payment. There is no minimum contract. If you want to stop the contract simply send the unit back to us and we will stop the payment.

The device must be sent directly from us to the end-user you wish to rent the device to. The Device will still be our property therefore you cannot sell it until you mad the payment in full.

We will honour the warranty on the device as long as you keep up with the payments.

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