Dear Customer/Distributor

We are in the course of starting the new design of the next generation of plasma portable devices for aesthetic intended purposes. We know that in order to come up with the best product we need to take into consideration the customer needs first.

Please assign a value to each new feature to identify the added value of each feature. 1 is very low added value while 10 is very high added value. Please do not assign all high values, because adding features to the new device will make it more and more expensive. Only assign high values where you believe the feature to be very useful to the end users.

Please note that is may take a while to put the new device into the market, testing and prototyping are essential steps that require time and preparation therefore we envisage the new model to be ready for the market place in late 2017. Do not announce to your clients new products releases as this could disappoint them in case of necessary delays. Only announce them once we have officially notified you of the new release.


Recharge the device using a Standard USB cable (the one used with ordinary mobile android mobile phones)__________________________1 to 10______________________

A Led Light that lights up then the arc takes place_________________1 to 10_________

Smaller overall dimensions_________________________1 to 10_______________

Set up of device using Remote control like it is done today_________________________________________1 to 10_______________

possibility of Controlling the power levels and the settings using a Mobile phone APP______________________________________________1 to 10____________

Automatic Intermittent arc impulses for the Eyelid Tightening and skin tightening using the spot mode. In this way the user will not require to control the duration of the arc manually, as it is done today______________________________________1 to 10________________

Larger size of and quality of display_______________________________1 to 10________________

Longer duration of the battery__________________________1 to 10_______________

Use of Standard rechargeable batteries available from most supermarkets_______1 to 10______________

The current model only function’s in Electrofulguration mode (Arc). How useful do you think it will be for the new device to also function Dessiccation mode for small red veins removal_____________________________1 to 10_____

Possibility of performing permanent epilation like any other electrolysis devices by inserting a small filament into the hair follicle to destroy it_______________1 to 10_______________

Software which allows you an easy upgrades through a USB cable connected to the laptop or PC, the new software would be available to download form our websites_____________________1 to 10___________________________________

Software which allows time usage time limit to facilitate hire purposes for distributors. This means that the device will stop functioning after a time period and requires a reactivation code to be purchased by the customer_____________________________1 to 10__________

Button on the device to allow the electrode to power up__________1 to 10______________

Your preferred name of the new generation is _(Your Choice)_______________________________

Your preferred colour of the device is _______________________________________

Other suggestions_____________________________________________________


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