Perform two search checks each week, Wednesday and Saturday on all products on all marketplaces.

We need to monitor the searchability of each product, especially those that do not sell or sell not well.

The products that are not selling or not selling well need to be searched for first in each marketplace.

Send reports on those products that do not appear on the first page of the search.

Each product that do not appear on the first page Must be notified To the Managing Director no later than Sunday

Focus work on those products that are not on the first page.


The priority on the tasks below is on those products that are not selling.


A+ Content for each product in each marketplace

Is there A+ content?

Are there reference to our other relatable products on the A+ Content? Like the in the yellow soap A+ content are there advertised the black soap and the Classic Scrub? This way we do cross-selling.

re there Videos on the A + content?



How many videos are on each product listing?


In each country

Is there an Amazon Store with all our products?


Continuous building of cases and attention to:

marketplaces with products delisted