Hello Support,

Amazon has removed our listing third time due to the same reason. On the 14th of August, they removed my listing and automatically reinstated it on the 16th without any action taken from our side. The same thing happened on 21st August and was Again Reinstated on 25th August. Here is the blow email which we have received from amazon both times.
( We have temporarily deactivated some of your detail pages because they are potentially violating Amazon’s Restricted Products policy. The listings that were deactivated are currently under review and can be found at the end of this email.)
During the last removal notification, we have contacted several times the seller support. We have received every time different answers. Most of the agents was saying no action need from you at this time and few of them remove mole word, Lesion, Seborhheic Keratosis word from your listing. Other porducts like ours contain the same claims on Amazon.com. Depite that on the 25th we have double checked and removed the “mole” word and “lesion” word from our listing which was placed by mistake once in the whole description.
The XanthRemover had been sold in thousands of units both worldwide and especially in the USA. Please note that all its intended uses are for aesthetic purposes.
We have tried to take off from the listings the claims “Benign Skin lesion removal”, “Seborhheic Keratosis removal” and others that the agents from amazon unilaterally deemed medical (but are not)

Please note that benign Skin lesions are benign and they are non medical condition. Nobody removed any benign skin lesions for medical purposes this is done only for aesthetic purposes. This is a very well established interpretation of reality very widely accepted and very easily to understand. Despite that we have tried to remove this claim from the listing on several occasions on the 25th of August while it was live and till now changes are not live. We have created a number of cases to point this out but the listing despite our attempts was not amended by Amazon.
The above and all intended uses of the XanthRemover are non medical, despite that we are ready to remove all claims that Amazon.com deems medical (even if this is not true). We have tried to do so (remove those claims that amazon unilaterally without any proof deems medical). We tried to amend our listing on several occasions on the 25th to remove those claims but amazon did not put all those changes live yet.

1: All the past claims of our XanthRemover are clearly aesthetic purposes and strictly non medical claim is made anywhere.
2: Despite point 1 above, if Amazon.com deems unilaterally without any proof some of all the claims medical please tell us which ones they are and we are happy to remove them. We tried to remove them (the ones pointed out by Amazon agents) on the 25th of august and we could not amend the listings despite our several attempts. How can we guess what Amazon.com deems to be a medical claim if this is done without any basis we can possibly undesrtand and unilaterally?
3: The account is no at risk of suspension for none of our fault. See point 1 and 2
4: this product have been sold in thousands in the united states for several years Amazon.com is only one of the platform we used and use to this day. It is completely legal and allowed as a cosmetic / Aesthetic product
5: Amazon.com has several other products with the same intended uses ads ours on its platform but they are allowed. So we struggle to understand why this is had been done to us.
The link below is an example where they use wart removal, seborrheic keratosis as intended uses:

So what does Amazon.com deem a medical application? how can we tell? Shall we guess? Can Amazon.com tell us please? Does the same application be medical for us and non medical for other products?
Does Amazon.com deem Xanthelasma Removeal a medical treatment? While Xanthelasma is another benign skin growth removed for aesthetic reasons. how can we tell what Amazon .com deem a medical treatment?
6 The strike on our account is unfair because we have tried to make the amendments asked by us to our listings but after we made the amendments no change was reflected on the listing! How can we made liable if we tried to comply but we were not allowed to change the listing.

From what you have seen there is no fault from our side despite all the claims are legitimete we have bent to what we understand the will of Amazon.com may be. So please remove the warning from our account at risk of desctivation because we jhave not done anything to grant this.

Solution (plan of Action)
Root Cause :
According to amazon .com “This product claims to be a treatment, cure, or remedy for lesions, and will not be considered for reinstatement unless the seller removes the prohibited growth claims from the product detail page.” There was one word anf thet was “benign Skin lesions “, “Mole removal” in description which we have already removed from detail page and updated the from our back end but changes were not made from amazon side on the 25th. Support keep saying these there is another brand representative is winner of the attributes. There is no other brand representative , I am the owner and there no one allowed to sell my product.

What actions will you take to resolve the issue?
We will remove the claims the amazon unilateral deems as medical. These seems to be “benign Skin lesions” and “Seborrheic Keratosis” (both non medical). This claims were already removed on the 25th of august but we were not allowed by the Amazon .com system (see proof case log number and screenshot attached ). If Amazon thinks Xanthelasma removal is a medical claim (which is NOT!) then we can change it to “improve the appearance of Xanthelasma”,or delete it if amazon.com requires it, however to delete it
1: we need to know which of the claims are are deemed by Amazon.com as prohibited claims, because we know all our claims are all legitimate.
2: We need to be allowed by amazon.com to make amendments to our listing which we wwre not on the 25th of August after Amazon.com reinstated our listing.
Proposed Title.
XanthRemover High Grade chemical cosmetic peel improves the appearance of Xanthelasma, Dark Spots, Acne scars, rejuvenates the skin.

Proposed Description
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE IT BEFORE READING AND UNDERSTANDING THE INSTRUCTIONS. This product can only be used after following strictly the patch test instructions which last for over a week. Incorrect use can lead to some undesired reactions as clearly stated in the instructions.

Xanthremover Glycolic Acid Face Peel with Kojic acid, and Retinol. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and Dark Spots, Brown Spots.

XanthRemover glycolic acid peel is formulated to exfoliate the surface of your skin, exposing more radiant and youthful skin tone and texture. Glycolic acid dissolves the bond between dead skin cells and the surface of the skin.

What steps will you take to prevent future issues?
We will be more careful about terms that amazon unilaterally deems medical for our products. We will make sure we will take care our upcoming new products and also shared all the things with amazon support before we are going to put them live. We will do the design amendment if its need.

Documents attached :

Case log Screen shot where we asked help from support to fix the product pages changes to make it live.
Listing Backend Changes Screenshot
Other products link which are doing same thing.