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We wanted to provide the best and more useful options in our new plasma device device. The idea is to provide a device that encompasses all the most important applications in aesthetics, not only of plasma but also of other applications in radio frequency and electroaesthetics.

This is the ultimate plasma device for aesthetic applications which allows the user to operate with ease and confidence like any other aesthetic instrument of this kind.


What we are including in the Device.

The basic day to day use of devices of this type but much more. As we know Plasma has become very popular in aesthetics because it has a vast array of applications. First of all we introduced all the innovations which you have been long looking for and no one else has provided to you so far. Like digital Temporised arcing, Variable Frequency, Variable Power Level. Before this new device all other devices only had a few power levels,  single frequency and the arc was notemporised.

Then we have also added those applications which are a logical span off Radio frequency devices. These applications have been sold in single separate devices for several years and we have now included them into our new device. These include: Electroacupucnture fillers without the use of any substances, Electroporation (Electro mesotherapy), Electrodessication at high Frequency (without the return pad), Mono-polar and multi-polar radio frequency at variable Frequency and Voltage.

This device has Plasma Capabilities. Both Hot and cold plasma. Anodic and Cathodic plasma which means “Positive” and “Negative” plasma. Also the capability of selecting the waveform you want from a selectable range of wave-forms. This will allow you to come up with different types of treatments so that when the market decides another waveform is fashionable you can generate it.

Also We have brought the digital control of the arc duration. This is because the arc duration is a parameter fundamental to the outcome of the aesthetic treatment. Up until now no units in Aesthetic and medical application allow this degree of precise control. We are the first to allow the professional


Hot and cold plasma

Up until today most units allow the user to only utilise hot plasma to carry out the aesthetic treatments. What is hot plasma?  This is true, but a bit confusing because the air in composed by 78% nitrogen, so this is true but. the reason it is called hot is that the temperature between at the carbonation point is are extremely hot. In the region of 1000 degrees centigrade.   This is why the treatment is relatively painful. Additionally the electrical arc in not very stable, especially at very low power levels.



Variable power setting.

Most devices have only a few power settings, in our new device we wanted to add a vast rage of power regulation.   This is done by voltage regulation. This is one of the few devices in the market place which allows the user an accurate control of the power settings of the unit. This function has not to be taken for granted because the most expensive devices in the market often only have 2 or three power levels. The new device allows power level regulation using the voltage regulation.   We allow the user to set the device at very low voltage levels where the arc can be hardly produced  Other devices have only a few power settings.


Variable settable frequency.

Over 90% of devices in the market do not have any sort of Frequency regulation. Frequency has a an effect on the way the ablation is carried out on the skin as well as the power associated to the Voltaic Arc and this is why we have deemed to be an important feature to tbe included in top pf the range devices in the market for aesthetic purposes. from 50 KHz to 500 KHz. First device capable of this function. Most devices operate at one frequency only. Unique device with this capability.


The arc duration importance in aesthetic applications. 

As we know one of the most important functions of plasma is the spot operation. OIne of the main challenges of the spot operation is controlling the timing of the arc.  One of the challenges of these types of devices  is the fact that the duration of the arc is dictating:

  1. The degree of  ablation inside the skin. The longer the duration of the arc at any given power level (Voltage and freqhwency) the deeper the ablation at that point.
  2. and the amount of energy at the spot. The longer the arc duration the more the energy injected intot he skin at that spot and  any prefdetermined power level (Voltage and Frequency).

Up until now the duration of the arc was controlled using the user estimation. The problem with controllong this duration manually is that this level of control is  not accurate. This is because, the human user is only abole to make an rough estimation of the duartion of te arc. The huimn user is not able to count the duretion of the arc with great accuracyu.. Howver the computer is able to count dime with digital preciaiton. Also  the human is not able to control the duration ofthe arc with great accuracy because until  now this control is carried out This is not sufficient in high porfessional devices. Therefore we wanted to provide the user with teh ability to control the

The problem of current devices is twofold

  1. the counting of the duration of the arc is done as arough estimation by the operatior.
  2. also the controlof the duration of the arc is done manually. Of course this manual  control  is  not accurate. The duration of the arc can fluctuate relatively drastically and

Programmable Pulsed function, this allows to electronically control the duration of the arc not possible with any other device. for the first time the timing on the arc can be set up by the user. Before you had to manually control the duration of the arc in order to control the depth of penetration of the arc. With this function we have taken away the possibility of human error in placing the arc for skin tightening. If you remember with the past plasma units you had to manually estimate the duration of the arc, and this requires a certain type of skill to allow the aesthetic practitioner to estimate the duration of the arc, which is often between a fraction of a second and one second based on the power of the arc.  This function takes this worry away from the user and place it  ont he unit itself. So you can set the maximum duration of the arc at each power setting so that you know that the arc will not over last the maximum duration you have established. The duration of the arc is now settable from 10 seconds to 2 seconds.  So trying to manually estimate the duration of the arc is something of the past and the old fashioned units.

How do we count the arcing time? This is a challenging



Start counter function, or maximum arcing time. 

The start counter function allows the user to inject maximum  amount of energy required with digital accuracy.

This function allows the user to set the maximum duration of the arc. The computer sets the electrode on and waits for the arc to take place. The detection of the arc taking place  is relative simple, once the arc takes place at the tip of the device, a certain current passes through the internal circuit. Once the device sees the current and therefore the arc, the counter starts the tiem counting. To the end of the time set by the user. The counter keeps counting up untill the end of the time set by the user regardless of the fact that the arc has extingushed befor the end of the time period. The ncounter will rach the end of its counting and once reached it it willl wicthc off the tip of the electrode. Then the wait tuime by theuser will start.


Whole counter function (digital control of the total arc duration).

The whole counter allows the user to inject exactly the amount of energy required with digital accuracy.

In case the total duration of the arc needs to be controlled with great accuracy then the whole counter option allows the user to have an accurate digital control of the arc duration.

why it is there the need to control the total duration of the arc digitally.  This is used in the pot operation of the reasons

1 is to o digitally control the total amount of  energy injected in each point. As we know the amount of energy injected in each point is a function of the not only the power level (frequency and voltage of the electrode) but also the duration of the arc at each point t, the longer the duration the more the energy injected into the skin at each point, conversely the shorter the duration the less the energy injected into the point. Therefore the digital control of the total duration of the arc allows the user to control the amount of enery injected by the arc into the skin.

2 the duration of the arc at any given power level allows the user to calibrate the depth of ablation. As we know the longer the duration of the arc at any given power level the deeper the ablation into the skin (at any given power level ie voltage and frequency).

ht ewhole counter option works this way….

The user sets the total duration of the arc. Value can be inserted in milliseconds. Then the device will keep the electrode on waiting for to detect the arc. Once the arc is detected the counter starts counting the  time. the time-counting only lasts as loin gad the arc is on. Ince the or is extinguished the counter stops. The counters only starts again if the set total time count is not reached anf the arc is on again.



This function works in this way. The user sets the total du

Wait time between the shots.

  • Programmable minimum time wait between plasma pulses. World first. This function allows the user to set the time between the end of the arc and the beginning of the next.
  • Spacer cap to allow the user to place the exact distance required between the electrode and the skin. Most devices require this to be done by the user manually.
  • Capability of using carrier gasses like argon or similar. Argon is an inhert gas whigh is used in order to stabilise the arc. This will porvide a skin resurfacing function which was not possible before. While argong is used the arc is so stable that it looks like a flame and the temperature of the arc is musch lower than the normal atmospheric arc. This allows a very precise ablation of the outer layer of the skin.  Normally these units only work with atmospheric gasses, the capability of using external arc stabiliser gasses brings about the possibility of performing skin resurfacing treatments with ease and a great degree of control.
  • Shots counter. This allows to count the number of spots placed on each client over the course of a treatment.  Unavailable with any other unit. This is only possible due to the unique programme inside the unit.
  • Monopolar flat probes for Radio Frequency Treatments. This device has also the function to place
  • Acupucture electro filler without the use of fillers itself. The possibility of using RF frequency energy to “fill” the skin naturally without the use of any substances.
  • Electroporation function. This unit is also capable of electrically injecting substances for aesthetic purposes into the skin. This eliminates the need of needles in mesotherapy. You can choose and suitable substances and place them into the device and the device will take care of the electro injection.
  • Electrocoagulation at 3o MHz for Red Veins removal. The main problem is with conventional units is that their pulse i s controlled manually. Once again as in electrical arctiong or electrofulguration,  the longer the pulse is applied the deeper the tissue ablation. in order to y are The main innovation is the elec temporised pulse available to the
  • Outer labial Radio Frequency treatment.
  • Vaginal canal Radio Frequency and  vaginal labial Radio frequerncy
  • Facial Radio frequency
  • Body Radio frequency


The waveform generator. 

As we have seen ,recently in order to try and find “unique” competitive edges in the aesthetic sector, some monufacturers have claimed that “positive” or “negative” waveform at the tip  of the electrode, claiming special unique capabilities. This clearly seems one of the several attempts to find a compaetitive edge based on slight minor change in the behaviourof the device. For this reason we have allowed the user to change and control the behavious of the device fully. Not opnly the user is capable of generating positive and negative vawefrforms, but also he will be capable to change and vary rthe waveform in different ways.

It has been seen that in order to find a competitive edge some manufacturers, shanfge the waveform at the electrode point slightly and make Williams thsat this slight change in waveform have peculiar effectsonn the skin and human body. all these claims are made based on a slight change in waveform. In order to provide the use with a vast array of possible diffectent applicaitons, and have he mostversatility of the device we have designed our new device to be capable to generate different waveforms and vary them in diffent ways.

This is not a high intensity electro-magnetic emitting device. This is not an

The latest Electro blood Vessels Coagulation for aesthetic purposes. 

The electro coagulation at 30 MHz. The red vein coagulation and spider veins coagulation was  historically was done using electrodessication. However the advancement in electronics has allowed to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards capable of generating signals at relative high frequency inexpensively. I has been widely shown that signals at a certain voltage at 30 MHz coagulate to coagulate the red veins effectively like  in conventional electrocoagualtion but with minimal pain. This is a unit than

How to goagulate the red veins?

First of all read the operation manual and see what is the setting to be used, and in particular the power level required in order to have the (denaturation) coagualtion to reach the vein.