Remote Developer.


  • Editing Videos Daily using Sony Vegas. This ia an ongoing task required for this position. All raw  videos are provided.
  • Website Development in WordPress. Proficinecy in Word Press is required.
  • Content creation on WordPress. All type of content is required to be created on workpress including case studies. To see examples visit
  • Marketing Pictures creation using various software packages.
  • Email Marketing and SMS marketing campaigns creation.
  • Manuals and technical files writing.
  • VAT Return and book keeping.
  • ISO 13485 implementation.
  • Working hours 9 hours a day 6 days a week. Overtime maybe required at times.

About the candidate:

He/She must have a own computer, be willing to learn fast and happy to undertake several challenges. This is a small and growing organisation therefore the duties are several and sujbect to change. Be creative in

This position is eligible for the golden contributor scheme.


Quantity and quality of Daily Work

These are the minumum requirements.

Publishing a full case study including full video editing a dn publishing within one working day.



Alternatively publishing minimum 2 to 3 high quality edited videos per day.

Alternatively produce original high quality minimum 2000 words original web content within one day.

Available at home during working hours 9 hours a day 6 days a week. Working hours from 9 am to 8 pm with launch break.

If the quality of work falls below the minimum standards, overtime is required to achieve the objective.