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Andreas Russo, Areton Ltd’s Managing Director as 2016


The BeautyTeck

2016 has been a fabulous year of growth right from the start of the year in January. The BeautyTeck has sold to several countries worldwide. Most notably the same customer who purchased a BeautyTeck for their clinic in Tokyo at the beginning of the year, repurchased in September a second device.

This year we have made the concious decision to disclose publicly of most of the BeautyTeck users as well as the name and contacts of all our distributors. This goes against the trend of most small companies in the sector who do not disclose their customer base and especially their distribution channel.

The Company Turnover has sky rocketed to over 100.000 UK Sterling Just Before Xmas.

For far too long plasma devices had been too expensive for most professionals in the sector. This is the main reason we invested in developing the BeautyTeck in 2013. We wanted to make these devices easily accessible by the market in general and clear the confusion in the sector. Given the results of 2016 we seem to be heading in the right direction.

This year has seen:

  • the reduction in price both at distributor level and end user level. In the UK any professional can access these devices for as little as 350 GBP including VAT. This is a breakthrough as this is any barrier to entry for any professional who would like to try out this type of devices in the UK.
  • The increase in reliability of the BeautyTeck. Despite the ever increasing number of devices on the world market the number of manufacturing fault reports are extremely low. This increase in reliability coupled with the investment made earlier in the year has allowed us to drop prices drastically making us not only one of the best Plasma devices manufacturer for aesthetic uses but also amongst the most competitive.
  • The introduction of the on-line training platform has had a great success. This allows any one who want to use any of our devices to simply purchase it and learn how to use it from the comfort of their own home or wherever they happen to have an internet connection. Year 2017 will witness the improvement of the content, both in terms of videos and text of the on-line training platform. To this day makes us the leading provider and reference of free on-line training for Voltaic Plasma devices for aesthetic uses.

We have now released well over 200 videos on our YouTube channel. This allows anyone who want to watch this type of devices in operation to access as much of our experience as possible free of charge form most parts of the world.

We have also been able to publish new before and after but also we had been able to show how the procedures were carried out in our main top marketing videos.



This still remains a strong product and the sales have been steady compared to the previous Year. The number of Satisfied customers worldwide continues to be on the constant increase.

happy 2017

Our Special Thanks go to:

  • Dr Omer Buhsem, out top distributor in Turkey.
  • Dr Edwin Anthony the founder of EAclinic, for his invaluable advise.
  • Elsie the Managing Director of our Distributor in Holland who also built the first website in Dutch, French and German: