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Areton on Campus Internship.

One of the most challenging part of the transition between the Academic world and employment is the the practical work experience required to stand out from the crowd.

Employers are keener to invest in those candidates who have displayed a certain degree of hands on experience and achieved practical objectives in the private sector, this is what the Areton On Campus Internship has to offer.

At Areton internship programme we offer the same benefits of most prestigious internships, while the student is still at university completing his/her curriculum.

We are able to offer support to the student in connection with his/her specific project throughout the year. At the end of the project the student will be awarded the Areton Internship award and the relative marking. Also Areton Ltd will mention the student name on its website to help him/her with references which will help get future employment.


Advantages of The Areton Online internship:

  1. Access to Areton resources  in order to complete the relevant project.
  2. The same internship credentials of an onsite student working programme.
  3. Chance to become part of Areton full time executive team.


Current Open Projects.

  1. Translations from English into Spanish.
  2. Translations from English into Portuguese
  3. Translations From English into Chinese.
  4. Content creation of for micro-needling For aesthetic applications.

Send your CV to to apply.

Areton will support the students throughout the project whenever they will require it and will help them achieve the top marks in case the objectives are achieved.