Whole Counter

Welcome to your Whole Counter

Phone Number with international code

When the arc is off then the Whole counter stops counting?

Does whole Counter Mode control the duration of the ARC?

What are you able to do with Whole Counter?

Beauty-Tech Plus device can be used for Both Aesthetic and Certain Medical  Applications.


Which Statement is correct according to the Whole Counter?

Does the device start counting when it detects the arc take place?

The longer you are actually applying the arc, that means the more energy you are applying onto the skin

Human eyes are able to count the ON-OFF time of arc?

Is there any other Plasma device more accurate as compare to Beauty-tech device?

Can we change the power levels in Whole counter mode?

Can we set any duration of the arc timing?

Why we need a whole counter mode?

In the whole counter, you are totally relying on the computer for the duration of the arc.

A high arc for the very tiny duration, it almost zero effect on your skin.

Can we set own frequency level in whole counter mode?

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