Pluse Mode

Welcome to your Pluse Mode

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Pluse mode allows to use ?
you can use HOT Plasma to do skin resurfacing without anesthetics.
Pluse Mode operates very very short bursts of time in the region of a few milliseconds.
Beauty-Tech Plus device can be used for Both Aesthetic and Certain Medical  Applications.

The Pulse mode is only possible because of the digital control of the arc duration.
Pluse Mode is controlling the ON and OFF periods of the TIP of the device
Whole pulse is expressed  in ?
Human eyes are able to count the ON-OFF time of arc?
Is there any other Plasma device more accurate as compare to Beauty-tech device?
After the treatment you can apply whatever product you like on the part of the skin you have treated?
Can we set any duration of the arc timing?
Can we use the pulse mode on high rate and low rate ?
Treatment intensity depends upon:
Why duration of the arc is important
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