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1. Multiline Hifu can deliver multiline or single line shots?
2. For face and neck treatment, which cartridges should be used?
3. How many shots deliver per line?
4. Which Statement is Correct?
5. What is shot width?
6. Reset button reset the data ?
7. When you press the start start treatment button shots are delieverd ?
8. For body treatment. Which Cartridge should be used?
9. What is the safe energy scope of Cartridge 3.0?
10. What is the safe energy scope of Cartridge 4.5?
11. How to know which level of energy is better during treatment?
12. Depth of ablation of 1.5mm
13. Patient total means the number of lines that have been delivered.
14. If causes a blistering/ red scratch on the skin after a treatment.
15. Make sure that ultrasound gel is applied on the skin; when ultrasonic energy passes through a fluid produces best results?
16. HIFU devices should not be used on

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