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Which statement is correct?

Now using HIFU non-incision methods can easily reach an unprecedented treatment depth of 1.5mm to 4.5mm?

HIFU Treatment around the middle of the throat could be risky?

When drawing vertical lines on the face, what is the distance will you keep from one line to another?

Which of the following statement is correct?

In which direction the transducer should be moved of face and neck?

When Performing Treatment on Forehead and Frown lines?

During treatment on the abdomen, move the treatment head upward and from the side of the belly, move the transducer inwards (towards belly button)

Do not treat over the belly button

Keep the treatment head still to deliver 11 lines into one place

The highest width of multiline HIFU is

The highest Length of multiline HIFU is

Which of the following statement is true?

With classic HIFU device, move the treatment head up and down by 1mm

Who should use HIFU devices?

The added advantage of three in one HIFU is vaginal rejuvenation.

When HIFU treatment can be repeated?

Which device displays the number of shots?

With the changes of the cartridge, the multiline HIFU device changes the area of treatment.

Multiline HIFU device delivers 26 lines of energy per shot.

Which areas on face and neck are restricted for HIFU treatment?

Presence of open wounds or lesions, severe cystic acne or pregnancy do not restrict HIFU treatment.

If the clients have any implants such as pacemakers and defibrillators or metallic implants in the treatment area, HIFU treatment should be avoided.

How many lines of shot can be delivered with multiline HIFU device?

Where will I put gel?

26. How can you treat on frown line, forehead or temple areas?

Always use anesthetics to get a completely painless treatment.

Which of the following statements are wrong?

When treating on the abdomen, draw lines 2 fingers below the ribs and 4 fingers above the pelvic areas.

Identify the wrong statement below

How many cartridges will come with three in one HIFU device?

How many cartridges will come with multiline HIFU device?

Pitch indicates the distance between one line to another. The highest parameter of pitch is 5.0mm.

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