Areton Q Switch laser, It can instantaneous emission higher energy to break the chromophore in the tissue more efficiency. Just laser-blasting principle: the laser accumulates higher energy and emission it is instantaneous the 1064 &532mm laser reaches the diseased tissue in an extremely short time. The relevant chromophore absorbed the laser power and rapidly broken by the rapid expansion of heated, then a part of the epidermal ) chromophore is metabolized.

Artifical Design:

360-degree rotation and flexible operation! Smart control, easy operation, comfortable treatment, User-friendly operating system. it can be adjusted according to different skin colors!

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Tax:-  There are no taxes on the product and shipping. But in Europe, UK, the customer has to pay 20% VAT  on the device as an additional cost.

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Compatible Device Parameters
Wavelength 1064nm & 532nm
Spot area 1- 8 mm
Engery density 50 – 180mj//cm adjustable
Voltage 220V / 50 Hz
Light output frequency  1 – 10 HZ adjustable 
Working mode HR , PR, SR
Cooling method  Air cooling  +  Water cooling
Weight 26 KG