Coconut Solid Shampoo Bar and Conditioner – Natural Shampoo Bar For Hair Nourishment With Plant Based Moisturizing


  • ? Coconut Shampoo bar, Ideal for Normal, Oily Hair and Coloured & Damaged Hair. Coconut Shampoo gives you Moisturises & Softens Hair, Nourish your hair and Leaves hair strong, soft and shiny.
  • ? Solid Shampoo bar are formulated with natural ingredients to help restore Damaged, breakage and split ends of the hair & also hydrate and protect the hair follicles & the scalp. Highly nourishing shampoo for dry hair, easy to lather and fast rinse formula with Lavender essence.
  • ? Coconut has been proven to support the health of your hair & scalp, it helps to sooth your scalp. Moisturising shampoo infused with natural ingdridents. Wet your hair and lather soap from roots to hair tips, Keep massaging on your scalp and Hair
  • ? 95% Plant Based Hydrating formula For Normal Hair, Dry, Damaged Hair, Oliy Hair, Proper Nourishment to you hair
  • ? For All Types Hair : Areton Coconut SHampoo Bar suitable for all types hair – Rich and Nourishing, made with high-quality Ingredients. SLS free shampoo 75g solid shampoo bar