Plasma Pen  Price Per unit: 10 to 50 =16.35 GBP

Plasma Pen Price Per unit: 50 to 100 = 15.53 GBP

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Areton Plasma Pen For Anti Ageing, Spot Removal, Tattoo Removal, Wart , Mole Removal, Skin Care Plasma Pen with Free Online Training + Free Plasma Training Ebook.


Type: Plasma Pen

Color: White

Gear:9 Level

Package Included:

1X Plasma Pen

1X USB Cable

1X Chinese & English Manual

3X Needles



1.Mini Nevus/ Spot/ Tattoo Removal Pen

2.Keep face clean and smooth

3.Skin Lifting

4.Mole removal

5.Without hurting

6.Spots/scars removal without blooding

7.Tattoo removal


How to use it:

1. Insert the needle to the machine.

2. Connect the power adapter with the machine

3. Long press(about 2-3 second) on/off button to start machine, you will see the screen turn on when the machine started.

4. Press frequency and power button to adjust the frequency and power

5. Press the on/off button, then the machine is ready for work, keep the needle close to skin, you will see it works.

6. When you do not use it, long press on/off button to turn off the machine.



1.connect device to power supply.

2.Using alcohol to blot out the patient’s skin, for big size need to do surface anesthesia.

3.keep patient stable and don;t move, people handle this instrument also need to keep hand stable.

4.Click the bottom to do treatment, for mole remove need to keep around 5mm distand away from effected area.

5. After treatment need to use some anti-inflammatory drugs daub.

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Areton Plasma Pen

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