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Introduction. The 100 bedroom HMO.

This is a very ambitious project thought, designed and realised by Andreas Russo. This is an unused commercial building which will be redeveloped to accommodate a total of exceeding 100 rooms. The timeline for completion of this project are relatively long as this is 100% financed by Andreas Russo and his companies. Some bank loans may be required at a certain point but we will prioritize the final outcome in terms of quality accommodation at an affordable price. We will introduce several luxury features not yet available in the UK like Smart toilets, Jacuzzis and several other features.
The first stage is clearing the site and prepare very detailed drawings ready for planning application. While we wait for planning application we will carry out whatever works we can under permitted development rights.

The video below provides a rough explanation of our intentions.

The following link provides an overview and history of the site.
the password is the number sequence “12345”

Protected: 68a Harold Street Grimsby, DN32 7NQ Lawful use application

The following link provides more information about the building that recently collapsed. The password is “12345”

Protected: Insurance incident

We need CGI for the whole structure, existing main two storey building and new double storey extension. We of course need detailed floor plans for the entire building.

The CGI of the entire building need to be done in the context of the surrounding area including all existing buildings and houses, this is to show the planners the final result in context with the existing environment.

The back extension, 18×14 Meters. What we are thinking is to erect a two Storey extension. This extension has to be of steel frame structure. Today this area is partly collapsed and partly not. This extension used to be only a single Storey. So we want a double Storey which will bring each Storey area to 250 quare meters in total 500 plus square meters.



There is also an existing two-storey building with ample loft space to be utilized, it is 28 meters long by 8 meters wide.  The existing two-storey building has a loft space that needs to be used up. Therefore, you have to make allowances for a third floor on the main existing building and the loft area has to be used to the maximum.

We need

1 internal drawings of the entire building in great detail, internal drawings for the best configuration of the internal layout of the entire 1000+ square meter building.

2 exterior CGI of the finished project within its current environment, houses etc from most possible angles

3Precise designs showing the positions of the new windows and their dimensions. When we come to windows, we will need to oversize them if possible without compromising the strength of the structure. The windows  are required only for the habitable rooms and lounges, the kitchens and bathrooms do not require any windows. So Kitchens and bathrooms and corridors should be placed in the internal part of the building, while the habitable rooms need to have windows.

4The loft conversion of the existing 2-story building, making it into effectively 3 Storey, will involve working around the steel frame constraints imposed by the steel supporting the existing roof.

5All possible entrances to the building from different entrances have to be explored and implemented.

6Please bear in mind that this will serve as the guidance for the implementation of the works we will be carrying out, therefore a great degree of detail is necessary and we will need to work considering the current constraints of the existing building.

In particular, For the new rear extension of Total area 18×14 meters we need:
Two storeys CGIs within the existing environment showing all the windows.
Flat roof or slightly double pitched of single pitched for a steel frame structure.
CGI of the finished building attached to the old two-storey building

All possible new entrances to the building and fire escapes.

Remember you need to make CGI of the entire building in context with the existing environment. To locate the site you need to use the address and if you want to have a map of the entire sit please download this PDF Rear-Of-68-Harold-Street-Grimsby-North-East-Lincolnshire-DN32-7NQ


If you are interested, contact us using Whatsapp. You will need to who us how good are you are CGI of new buildings within the existing environment.