December 2022

It has been the beginning of the long waited recession which could result in a collapse in asset prices. This collapse is going to allow us investors to acquire at very discounted prices:

  • Real Hard Assets
  • Companies
  • And Shares

It is important to note that this has already stared therefore you can find on the market companies and assets willing to be liquidated However the sellers are struggling to meet their target sale price due to quantitative tightening imposed by central banks to mitigte the effects of the quantitative easing during the lockdows in 2020 and 2021.

Hence you can already as an investor or director of your company can look for bargains. If you know the market and are able to appreciate the real value of an asses you are starting to find very good assets at a significant Discounted. As an example we helped one of our close investors secure 104 Cleethorpe Road DN31 3HW for only 90K on auction Over 5000 square feet commercial building. This asset is worth on the open market at least 180K even in this market condition. Therefore the asset was acquired at a 50% discount!

Therefore if you start looking you will find several discounted assets. Igf you do not have the time please get in touch and we can help you find what you are looking for.

Good luck in your investments in 2023!

Our latest small  real estate opportunity in Grimsby UK:

ROI 10% if operating as a Housing in multiple Occupancy

ROI 15% if operating as a Holiday Let

5 bed Semidetached house

Purchase cost 85K GBP (NO stamp duty as uninhabitable)

Estimated refurbishment cost including Housing in Multiple Occupation compliance 40-50K GBP

Reservation Fee 4K payable to Areton Ltd. CONTACT US IF INTERESTED.


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Kind Regards

For Areton Ltd

Andreas Russo