Mould for Partilally insulated RF microneedles, new handle, custom accessories and casing required.

We are looking to have a mould manufactured for our new Radio Frequency microneedling device, especially we require to have a custom made mould to produce partially insulated micronnedling headpieces.
The needles are partially insulated, only the tip is a concuctor. This allows to deliver the RF energy only inside the skin where the tips of the needles are.
We require a mould for:

  • The enclosure of the new device
  • The microneedling heads
  • the multifunction handle


There are not drawinngs in place yet however we can get your adivce or find alternative ways to have the drawigs made up.
The most important part of the porject are the microneedles headpiece mould and the handle with interchangable headpieces.

You can see an example of the headpeices below:

Example of RF Microneedling headpieces.

For more information about the micronnedling headpiece and the pmicroneedles please refer to the figures below.

If you want to know more about the sytem please refer to the figures below and