Letter of Claim DWP

Date: 09/02.2024
To: – Defendant DWP
Dear Sirs
Claimant’s Areton Ltd

Registered Address for correspondence 6 Colwick Rd NG2 4BU Nottingham

This is in connection with the reimbursement of Wages for the two Kickstart employees we employed on a part-time basis on the DWP scheme.

1 By contract as soon as the kickstart programme is commenced, the DWP does not have an opt-out option. Meaning that the DWP must have paid the wages for the  two employees up to the end of the programme.

We have confirmation in writing that the programme commenced and the DWP accepted it.

There has not been any confirmation in writing during the duration of the employment of those employees that the scheme was not applicable and the DPW decided to commit breach of contract.

We therefore serve this as a notice that we will commence court proceeding without further notice.

De demands the outstanding wages payments as per contract plus interests. Should this be needed to be resolved through litigation, we will be asking for court costs and legal costs. To date the interests on the outstanding amount is 678.78 GBP in addition to the outstanding payment due to us.

As of the original amount owed to us please refer to our previous correspondence.

Based on your denial of formal acceptance of the two Kickstarters we attached copy of this correspondence confirming DWP acceptance of the Kickstarters. Upon written acceptance, the contract is validated and there is no opt-out option for DWP. . We also have evidence of part payments too.

Our course of action in case we require to take this claim to court:

1 we will build the court case thoroughly and publish it on our websites and make it available for public scrutiny.

2 take formal court action

3 apply for all court costs and relevant expenses.

You have 14 days in order to respond formally, after this we have no option other than  to commence court proceedings for breach of contract.


Andreas Russo