Lease option, what is in it for you when working with us ?

We will pay you the same commission which you would have received for a normal sale.

As an estate agent working with us to find lease options can be a profitable business. This is because the lease option makes possible (when the seller agrees to it) to sell the premises at a price that usually the market does not consider at the time.

What do you have to do to work with us on a lease option? Easy if you feel that the seller would benefit from this type of sale refer them directly to us!

What type of property are we looking for?

-5+ bedroom houses close to any major city centres. This is for conversion to HMO. Price range up to 140K

-Single family homes. Price range up to 50K

-Office buildings. Price Range up to 300K

The lease option from the seller’s point of you can be a proper sale. This is because the seller will free himself off of any legal responsibilities in connection with he house, just as if the house was already sold. The responsibility of the upkeep, maintenance, repair, building insurance is all borne by the leaseholder.

When the lease expires then the leaseholder has the option to purchase the house at the price originally agreed.

When would a seller would want to go ahead with this proposition?

-When the sale would bring high tax implications.

-When for some reason the price the seller is trying to achieve is not met by the market.

-The seller wants to get rid of the property very quickly and this makes the lease option very attractive to the seller as once the terms of the lease and the sale are agreed the contracts can be exchanged within days.