The Areton One (Skin Re-Surfacer) brings about visible improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

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Skin Resurfacing is a technique which has been widely used in cosmetic clinics to improve the appearance of fine lines and skin tightening. Today the Areton One (Skin Re-Surfacer) brings you the same benefits for skin rejuvenation available at top Cosmetic Clinics directly to your doorstep, as an all in one home aesthetic solution. With the Areton One (Skin Re-Surfacer), spending thousands to tighten your skin and improve the appearance of fine lines is something of the past. This product brings you similar aesthetic benefits of professional treatments for a fraction of the price and it is very easy to use.

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One of the many aesthetic effects of a single average application of the Areton One is a slight improvement in the appearance of the fine lines after the peeling effect is over. The degree of improvement is also dictated by the strength of each application which you control by timing the application of the product and also varying the gel thickness on your skin. Any improvement is cumulative, therefore the repeated use of the Areton One (Skin Re-Surfacer) will eventually lead to appreciable improvement in the appearance of your fine lines and amongst the many other effects will slightly tighten your skin.

The main difference between most laser skin resurfacing and the Areton One (Skin Re-Surfacer) is that the number of treatments required to achieve desired results is different. While with most cosmetic lasers the improvements are noticeable after one or two sessions, the Areton One requires a 3 to 4 sessions to achieve similar results to lasers. However given that the results of the Areotn One (Skin Re-Surfacer) are cumulative, repeating the treatments will eventually lead to very similar results to those you would expect from professional treatments using expensive machinery in cosmetic clinics. This is because the Areton One has very effective skin resurfacing effects. This allows us to use milder peels than those used in cosmetic clinics, whilst achieving the same results you would otherwise expect at your beauty therapist’s office, from the comfort of your home and for a fraction of the price!

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Why is the Areton One home aesthetic treatment matching the results of most cosmetic lasers in improving the appearance of fine lines?

It is very well known that the main purpose to use lasers in aesthetic treatments is to induce skin collagen regeneration. The Areton one not only provides the collagen regeneration kick but it also boosts it.

Collagen over time

The Areton One has multiple ingredients that help. The active peel starts the collagen regeneration process and acts as a carrier to the multiple active ingredients with collagen boosting properties; The peel devours the stratum corneum, part of the epidermis  Vitamin A, and active peptides to which are designed to send the right boosting signals to the cells. This is done while the skin has started the skin regeneration process, stimulated by the active peel. This is why although the other creams contain some of these active ingredients are not as effective in opens the

Vitamin A C and E are notorious to have positive effects on our skin.

In particular Vitamin A:

Vitamin A, according to a 2010 article on the University of Maryland Medical Centre website, plays a major role in cellular renewal and healthy skin. Topical applications of vitamin A can boosts collagen levels and improve the texture of your skin. A 2010 Mayo Clinic article described Retin A, a form of retinoid, as the first antioxidant used in a wide range of Aesthetic Treatments to increase the collagen levels. Dermatologist and Professor at Yale University, Ronald C. Savin, MD, in a 2003 article on the “Healthlink” website explained that retinoids encourage the reconstruction of collagen and remove dead skin cells from the stratum corneum or top layer of the epidermis to reveal new skin underneath.





What to expect with the Areton One for Age Spots Removal treatment?

The Areton one delivers what it promises, it will progressively fade your age spots in the same way you would have in a cosmetic clinic, however, it is not a miracle cure. Like laser treatment, micro-needling, voltaic plasma, professional cosmetic peels and any other type of skin resurfacing technique, the Areton One (skin Re Surfacer) does require a number of treatments in order for you to achieve complete removal of your Age Spots.

Generally, it takes 4 to 5 average duration treatments with the Areton One in order to achieve complete removal. However, after each treatment, you will be able to notice appreciable fading of the over the pigmented area. It is always better to take plenty of before pictures to compare the results for yourself. Since the improvements are relatively minor after each treatment people will tend to forget what they looked like before they started the treatment.

Also, you can expect a generally tighter and smoother skin after the applications required to remove your Age Spots with the Areton One thanks to the products rejuvenating properties, of Vitamin A and its dedicated peptides.

Skin tightening

Sin tightening is one of the direct effects of skin Re-Surfacing and cosmetic peels. This is enhanced by the ability to achieve the same effects of professional cosmetic peels with the Areton One Skin Re-Surfacer. Vitamin A has an enhancing effect of the skin rejuvenation not only stimulating the skin regeneration form the “inside” but also restoring the natural glow of your skin.


Skin Brightening of uneven skin tone

The double effect of exfoliation and brightening peptides is very effective in brightening dull skin damaged by UV light and pollution. therefore the uneven colour is brought back to its original brightness usually within only 1 to 2 average application of the Areton One.


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