HIFU Classic Operation Manual

HIFU Classic

Operation Manual











1.                       About this document

Intended audience

This document is intended to be used by Aesthetic Practitioners willing to use Areton’s HIFU device.

Document covers operation related aspects of HIFU Device.


Read this manual carefully and follow the instruction given in this manual. Due to the ablative power of professional High Intensity Focused Ultrasound devices the user has to always exercise caution in the use of these types of Devices. Failure to exercise caution can result in injuries. Also it it strongly prohibited to use this device on upper eyelids which can result into permanent injuries. The intended uses of this particular device are merely aesthetic; no claims of fat loss are made with this device.

2.  Precautions

Before using machine please make sure:

1.      Each cartridge is working perfectly.

2.      Even during the operation if some abnormality appears in cartridge stop right there and test the device properly again.

3.      Please DO NOT use alcohol and other corrosive substance to clean cartridge and hand piece, also machine. Use tissue or clean cloth to clean all.

4.      Don’t use hot water to wash face within 24 hours after treatment.

5.      Please don’t have sauna face massage within 2 weeks.

6.      Don’t expose your skin directly to sun for one week after the treatment.

7.      Please don’t have laser within 15 days.

8.      Hydrate yourself to fullest for a week.

3.  Overview Steps

  1. Clean the Skin.
  2. Take a photo before treatment, and paint on the pre-operative lifting location with pencil.
  3. Select the appropriate transducer according to skin thickness.
  4. Set suitable length, distance, energy; generally it is recommended to set length=25mm, distance=2mm and energy starting from 0.1J (according to customer’s need).
  5. Apply ultrasonic plentiful gel between transducer and skin.
  6. Don’t operate on marginal mandibular nerve, supra or bital nerve.
  7. No recovery period after treatment, daub some moisture product and make up immediately.
  8. The comprehensive effect will gradually appear in two or three months, some may have to use this treatment several times.

4.                       Detailed Operation Steps

  1. There are 3 cartridges of HIFU machine: 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm. Acrylic sheets can be used to check the energy of these cartridges.
  2. Using acrylic sheet to test energy: if the back of acrylic sheet is penetrated but surface smooth that means this energy is safe! We can use this energy to make a treatment to customer. If both sides of acrylic sheet is penetrated that means energy is too strong, cannot use it!

3. Energy adjustment: When we operate HIFU machine, it must be carried out in a safe and effective situation.                 Accordingly, the scope of the energy requirements as follow:

Cartridge 1.5: safe energy scope: 0.1-0.9J

Cartridge 3.0: safe energy scope: 0.1-1.0J

Cartridge 4.5: safe energy scope: 0.1-1.2J

           Exceeding these safe energy level would hurt subject’s face. So, must test energy well before using machine.

  1. Generally speaking, energy up 0.6J that acrylic sheet can be penetrated. So, the best scope is as follows

Cartridge 3.0: safe energy scope: 0.6-1.0J

Cartridge 4.5: safe energy scope: 0.6-1.2J


  1. Customer’s age and skin condition is also under consideration while deciding safe energy level. If customer is older than use bigger energy (safe scope), if customer is younger use small energy (safe scope).

Bigger energy (must be in safe scope) results in higher effect!

  1. Distance of dots adjustments: Generally set at 1.4-1.6MM.

At bigger energy set larger distance. Older customers should use smaller distance which would result into                      better effect for them.

  1. Total length of distance line is 25mm. We can adjust the length base on customer’s face shape and treatment area. The surface of cartridge should be stick closed to treatment area. Cartridge cannot hang in the air. Please do not forget to use gel before using machine. Thickness of gel layer should be around 2.0mm.
  2. When operating and testing machine, we need to put enough gel. Not applying gel would create bubble and spacing of gel which would result into failed penetration of energy. It is as a medium of transmitting ultrasound energy to skin deep.
  3. The head of HIFU cannot shot upward, also without gel if cartridge applied that will be incorrect operation. The 3 cartridges are precision spare parts, no bumping and no falling!
  4. When making treatment for customer, DO remember to put enough gel on the treatment parts. If gel is not enough, energy cannot penetrate to deep skin and it will hurt skin.
  5. Cartridge should not be pressed forcefully on the skin. It should be gently applied on the skin.
  6. Different cartridge with different admissible working area. Use proper cartridge for the designated area.

13. Feeling of treatment for different cartridges:

1.5 cartridge: tingling feeling

3.0 & 4.5 cartridge: soreness and distending pain feeling

  1. How to operate? Start from below to upwards and shoot straightly. Then, shoot lengthwise.

After treatment, if customer feels distending pain, it is normal phenomenon.

  1. If after treatment blistering/red scratch appears that means energy is too big or headpiece was not close to the skin.
  2. After treatment, customer will feel skin dry and tighten. Please use hydrating mask after one hour. Do not use the frozen one.
  3. A whole face treatment need about 800-1000 shots.


5. Operation Screens

For Face


For Body

6. Not Suitable For

  1. Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart disease patients.
  2. Skin disease patients.
  3. Pregnant women.
  4. Epilepsy, and mental illness patients.

7.    Troubleshoot problems and get support

Troubleshoot Table

Problem                               Cause                                Solution
Device automatically turned off


Cartridge is not placed perpendicularly to the face Restart the unit and place the cartridge perpendicularly.


{more information to be put according to the device’s further information}


Support services

If you have a problem, follow these steps:

  1. Call {information to be put when finalized}
  2. Email
  3. ..


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