My Name is Andreas Russo and I am the Managing Director and Owner of Areton Ltd. I had hair loss since my late teens and I am 36 turning 37 in February 2017.

My goal is to achieve the full head of hair I has in my teens. I used to have very long hair until I was 17 but the hair loss started when I turned 18 so I decided to keep it short since then. I would like to have the same full head of hair I once had.

I would like to preserve my natural spiralling hair you can see in the picture.

What I would like to avoid, looking with a opatch up job, I have seen a few people who have paid  alot of money and yet you can see after the operation that thay are bolding and they have fewer hair.

You can of course take as much hair as you like form my the back of my head where I have very much to spare. Therefore  you can take a large strip if you like no problem.


I am willing to

  • Provide my name for your future marketing purposes (you can publish my name on your website and Videos you will make),
  • you can video and publish the consultation stage for your marking and advertising purposes.
  • also you will have my permission to film and publish the entire procedure fro start to finish for your marketing, advertising or educational purposes.
  • keep my pictures on your clinics for advertising purposes along with my name.
  • I will make a video testimonial mentioning my Name and your business name which you can also use for your marketing purposes.

You will have to take kcare of the video editing

If we will select you, of course I will take care of the accommodation and travel costs to your clinic where costs.

Why am I offering this to you? Simply because I would like a very good result. Knowing that you will be working in order to invest in a good testimonial which you can fully use later will have you to try and achieve the results I want. We have seen a number of people very poor results for large amounts of money, I want very good results (meaning a lot of hair per square cm) and seamless results.

Also due to the business I run I know how valuable testimonials are and especially video testimonials are very hard to come by. So if you are interested let us know and take into account our proposition, you may want to perform the treatment free of charge if you which this is entirily up to you.

I am a public figure after all , and you would have a video testimonial by a recognisable public figure who people can recognise especially on-line.

I am the author of all te website run by the company:



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If you re interested please let me know, we are open to offfers and I am willing to travel to your clinic.


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