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Please note that any part of this particular document does NOT form any formal or informal contract. This document should only serve as an outline of how Areton LTD intends to carry out business with their distributors. Any concessions outlined here MAY or May not be fulfilled under Areton LTD’s sole discretion. The sole terms and condition of sales are outlined on Terms of Sale (in case of any clash these are the terms that apply). To view the warranty terms Click Here.

Why is the BeautyTeck® a winning product you must be involved with?
Mobile Clinic.
What do we expect from our partners.
On-line training Platform.
Website work and Translations (optional).
New opportunities and product development.
Selling to other resellers.
Sales Agents.
Marketing support.
Sales to hospitals and public sector and big tenders specifications.
The Stock.
Payment methods.
Free Training Platform.
White papers or Independent Studies.
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Thank you for your interest in distributing our products.

At Areton Limited and subsidiaries we value the work of our partners. To us our distributors are our customers. We believe that if we take very good care of our partners and in turn our partners will take great care of our end users. From our experience the best business deals come from the strong and long standing business relationships.

Areton Ltd is very different from many other company you might have dealt with up until now. Profits are important but not our main focus. Instead we aim at changing the face of the entire beauty industry. We are doing it by making products that are highly innovative and add an extremely high value to our customers. We deliberately stay clear from what all the mainstream companies do and we focus on making solutions to add value to our customers first.

We uncompromisingly treat all our customers and partners with honesty. We sometimes prefer to miss a good sale rather than chasing a quick profit that could potentially damage our reputation. We wish the same for all our partners.



Why is the BeautyTeck® a winning product you must be involved with?

The BeautyTeck® is a market changing solution.

Try and recall the price of all the expensive and bulky instruments that are required to perform all the treatments now possible using the BeautyTeck®. Their cost is usually over 250,000 USD. Now the BeautyTeck® is available at a fraction of the price.

Not only is the alternative equipment very expensive but it can only be used in a clinic because the machinery is too bulky and heavy to be carried around.
Now by purchasing a 280g weighing device, you will be able to obtain the similar results of surgical Blepharoplasty but without surgery. In fact the BeautyTeck® allows any trained Beautician to achieve the similar results of a Blepharoplasty before only possible using expensive surgery. Additionally the BeautyTeck® allows to perform eyelid tightening in the customer’s home.

By having a BeautyTeck® the beautician will also have a portable instrument that is used to perform all the major aesthetic treatments before only available in clinics using extremely expensive instruments. By buying a BeautyTeck® your client will have an all in one instrument in their handbag.

As you may know already the BeautyTeck® is used for:

  • Effective Eyelid Tightening (not available before)
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Permanent Make-up Removal
  • Xanthelasma Removal
  • Mole Removal (for aesthetic reasons)
  • Improving the appearance of Hypertrophyc Scar
  • Improving  the appearance of Atrophic (Post Acne) Scar
  • Freckles Removal
  • Brown Spots Removal
  • Age spots Removal
  • Mouth “barcode” removal (usually found in heavy smokers)
  • and many other aesthetic applications.

Additionally the BeautyTeck® is an unique product of its kind therefore you are setting your company aside form the competitors as most of them may not currently be capable of providing an alternative that can be competitively priced.

The added value provided by the BeautyTeck® hardly be compared with any other equipment currently available.




Mobile Clinic.

The portability of the BeautyTeck® will change the way aesthetic business will be carried out. The BeautyTeck® provides a brand new market that you could not reach before.

The BeautyTeck® is an equipment that allows the cosmetic professional to be travelling, and perform all the procedures before only available in clinics, in the customer’s home. Beauty clinic business may be regulated in many countries, however since the new mobile clinic concept has not truly started yet there is hardly any regulatory legislation currently available.
So, now, in any deregulated market anyone can purchase a BeautyTeck® and be trained on-line to use it the device for:

  • Eyelid tightening, delivering similar results to surgical alternatives.
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Brown Spots Removal
  • and the many other applications until now only possible in costly clinics.




What do we expect from our partners.

  • Honesty towards the customers first.
  • High volume of sales.
  • Recruit agents actively selling the BeautyTeck®.
  • Reselling to other sub-distributors for a low margin.
  • Help us build our on-line training platform.
  • Help us produce training videos for our on-line training platform.
  • Help us produce independent studies/white papers




On-line training Platform.

At Areton Limited and its subsidiaries we are opening the market. We are working to make life easier for our customers.
Although most of your customers will still prefer to attend live events, we are working to build the first on-line training platform. Therefore the training will also be available in video format to those who want it.  No password or subscriptions required.
Training has a cost and there is no reasons for not cutting these costs. This is one of the ways we are going to be able to keep our product range affordable.

The only input we require from our partners is to feed us new videos showing how to perform the procedures. Alongside the videos we require plenty of before and after pictures. We will then edit the videos and publish them. Please note that we will retain all copyrights of all the material submitted to us.

We are confident that not only will the on-line training platform allow to lower the cost and time required for the necessary training, but it will also increase the confidence and goodwill of our customers who are considering purchasing.

We will require a minimum of 5 videos per year from every partner. Every video has to come with clear instructions as how to perform the procedures and before and after pictures clearly showing the improvement.

Additionally some videos can be edited in your language as well. We have video editors working for us so all we require our partners to do is provide the translations and approve the video version in your local language before it is published.




Website work and Translations (optional)

If you want you can help us make our websites and on-line training platforms easy for our customers to use in your territory. We require your help for that, because adapting our English based marketing platform may not be best suited to serve your territory requirements. The reason is that, what is working in our markets may not be the best marketing solution in your own market. We believe that our partners know better than us what works in their markets.
Therefore the translations will be more of an interpretation and adaptation to your OWN market requirements. Moreover, you will have an important say on how the website is going to be structured in your language and we welcome your input on how our on-line training platform will be structured.
In order to do this effectively we require your support with the translation into your local language. This will be required for both adding and updating our website structure and content.

In case you think another training structure or another on-line marketing platform will be more effective in your market, let us know and we will purchase the new domain where you can be working on your marketing project.


Every of our products come with a statutory one year warranty.  It is the local partner’s responsibility to send the replacement devices to the customers immediately by using their equipment in stock. We will then replenish the stock at our own cost. The distributor will have to send us the faulty equipment as soon as feasibly viable at their own cost.We always require the faulty equipment in order to find the reason of the fault and correct potential design problems and change components that present defect in the future production.

We also offer an additional year warranty, therefore the equipment can have a total of 2 year warranty. The extra year warranty has to be obtained by the client directly for an additional fee. The Client has to input the equipment details, their business contact and pay the additional fee to us on-line. We will then issue the additional year warranty.

For more details about warranty terms Click Here.




New opportunities and product development.

By being in constant contact with the customers, our partners are those who come across the best opportunities for new product development. We have a number of new products that will be launched soon, and we are also open to new product development opportunities. If you feel that a particular type of device (new solution) could be a winning product, do not hesitate to let us know. In order to develop a great product, it is needed to design the product with the customer experience and requirements in mind and work all the way back to use the best technology to deliver that customer experience very well. Therefore please tell us about the demand you have in your territory so that we can use your feedback to devote our development resources in the right direction.
Some other winning products do not come from a direct customer demand but from a mere intuition when working in the field along with the customers. So please tell us about what you believe it is going to work in your market and we may be working with you to deliver the right product around your intuition.

We work with a number of partners worldwide therefore we compare demand and ideas so we know which ones are the most recurrent and likely to be developed into a ground breaking product. If we decide not to make an idea into a new product we will explain why, but generally we are keen to know and our partners are the best to tell us.



Selling to other resellers.

It is important to our business to have the most client coverage possible. We therefore require our main partners to recruit as many resellers and agents as possible. We would also like our partners realise that in order to build a sustainable business, high margins have to go to those parties involved with the direct sales. For this reason we would like to encourage our distributors in the region to keep their own sales margins to resellers and agents as low as possible.

This is only a basic outline of our business model. Please bear in mind that we are trying to maximise the number of sales and market coverage in any given territory and keeping the price as low as possible to the end users. Our partner should be motivated to achieve the same goal. This is one of the reasons for us to offer quantity discounts.

Sales Agents

These are those self-employed professionals working directly for the main partner and/or distributors. These are very important integrating part of our business. They should be rewarded for their work with high commissions (we recommend a minimum 30%). However we leave the decision to establish their commission levels up to our partners.


Marketing support

We aim to focus on building a very efficient internet platform for our customers. Our aim is to build such an engaging on-line platform to effectively help partners with the marketing.
It is vital for our partners to participate in exhibitions, these are the events that bring contacts and sales. We would like to let you know that we have not allowed for extra margin in our pricing to contribute for our partner’s participation to the exhibitions.




Sales to hospitals and public sector and big tenders specifications.

We know from experience that large one-off orders and small orders cannot be treated in the same way.

Large orders are very strategic sales that sometimes require a lot of effort over a long period of time.

In some cases these could be sales that are won mainly based on your relationship with your customers. It is our partner’s job to help the client tailor the tender specifications to one of our standards products. If you are confident this is the case we will leave this up to you, however we would like to know whether you are working on this type of order.

In some other occasions the high-value tender client would prefer to deal with the manufacturer directly in order to achieve the best possible price. This can happen when large corporations or big clinics are placing large orders. We are willing to help in this process and NOT cut out our partners from the deal. In these circumstances we normally propose that we participate directly in the tender process in your territory providing the direct deal your customer is expecting and giving you commission if we win the tender.

Some tenders may have custom specifications that we will not be able to meet using our ordinary product base. It is important that our partners let us know about high value tenders, even those that are not directly related with our product range because we can be participating together.

Therefore if you find an interesting tender and would like to participate, just inform us so so that, if we participate and win we will both benefit.

The Stock

We appreciate that when starting selling a new product investing in stock is not the priority. We are also aware that the best business model requires to carry either no stock or very little of it. However, at the same time,customers require the equipment to be readily available to them as soon as they order it.
Therefore 6 months after the commencement of our business relationship we may require our main partners to carry a minimum amount of stock, this will not be part of the the total order for the year.

Payment methods

Visa Credit Cards are accepted. These are secure payments for both yourselves and ourselves because the Visa provides inclusive protection both to the buyer and the seller.
We prefer advance payments directly into our bank accounts.
Payment through PayPal are subject to a 7% surcharge.
Bank guarantee payments are also accepted but the expenses will be borne by the purchaser.

Free Training Platform

We require all our partners to contribute to the platform making video trainings to use the device for all its applications.

All we require is:

  • Raw high quality videos of how each entire procedure has been performed using the device. We recommend to use a tripod to allow the camera to remain still while shooting. We will take care of the video editing and translation into English.
  • Explanation of the preparation of the client treated, and a description of how all the products used, ie type of numbing product, antiseptic etc.
  • A written outline of the procedure.
  • Plenty of before and after photos.
  • Description and photos of the patient one day, two days, three days and five days after the treatment. Additionally photos of the client treated one month after the treatment.
  • A unbiased description of the advantages, drawbacks, side effects and recovery period.

How to obtain the information?

Initially you can work on the procedure yourself to generate all the required material.

However, every client buying the equipment will naturally use the device on their clients.

This is an excellent opportunity to instruct your clients and let them know that for every video training material along with case study the manufacturer will grant a 3 month warranty extension, up to a maximum of 1 year (for four videos and associated case studies). A copy of the original edited video will be provided to the Client and respective distributor. Additionally at the beginning or end of the video training we will mention the name of the author of the video/case study. For every video we should have enough information to compile a case study in English and publish it on our website, there we will an acknowledgement of the author of the study and place a link to the direct client website.

For every 5 videos (and their related case studies) contributed by your clients or yourselves we may dispatch one free BeautyTeck set with your subsequent order.

To summarise all you (or your client) needs to do is generating the raw material in terms of good quality videos, photos, procedure information, detailed post treatment healing process and photos one or two months after the procedure. We will take care of the videos and case study editing.

All copyrights will be automatically transferred to Areton LTD who retain all rights without time limit.

Since videos and high definition photos are particularly large you can send these information using Dropbox or any other cloud service of your preference.

White papers or Independent Studies.

Independent case studies/white papers are very important for both your and our long term business success. Therefore should you meet or know a body (University or equivalent) or very influential professional willing to produce recognised independent studies, please let us know and we may provide a free unit in order to carry out the independent studies. Normally independent studies carried out by independent public bodies can open the doors to important tenders in the public sector (hospitals and public clinics currently using expensive lasers and equivalent equipment)

The white paper must include the name or our equipment as well as an Areton Ltd brand.

Please note that, as a further incentive for our local partner to produce the white papers/independent studies we may issue a free unit for every 3 recognised white papers produced.