Technical Specifications


Operation Modes



Laser Type

Glass Tube Generated CO2 Laser Source

Approximate Output Power


1W—30W Incremental One 1W Steps.

Fractional Laser Output Shapes

Types Selectable 

Rectangular, Circular, Elliptical, Triangular, Linear

Fractional Output Shapes Dimensions 

 Circular Maximum Diameter:20mm

Minimum circular Diameter: 0.1 mm


Single Continuous Pulce

Rectangular Largest Area: 20 mm x 20mm

Minimum Rectangular Area:0.1 mmX 0.1 mm

Light Frequency

Infrared Light Wawelength﹙650nm﹚

User Interface

Touch Screen 

Optical Light Transmition

Guide Light Balanced Arm

Cooling System

Closed Circuit Water Cooling

Device Dimensions




Rated Input 

AC220V50/60HZ 10A Fused


Fractional Skin Resurfacing Lens, Continuous Wave Mole Removal Head, Vaginal Rejuvenation Lens and Accessories 

Intended Uses

Aesthetic Only

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Intended Uses

The intended uses for this device are merely aesthetic. This device must not be used to cure or diagnostic any disease.


Introduction to the Device.

This is a great imporvenment versus devices which were targeting only a single type of intended use, ie skin resurfacong, or vaginal tightening separately.

This device provides an all in one solution when it comes to resurfacing treatments and vaginal treatments.The Areton Fractional CO2 Laser system offers Laser skin resurfacing, Vaginal Rejuvenation (Both External and Vaginal Canal) as well as mole removal.

This is a powerful and versatile device destined to the be used by the aesthetic porfessional. The Fractional laser allows the aesthetic professional to perform treatments with great speed and accuracy. This applies both to skin rejuvenation and Vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Modes of operation.

There are two main modes of operation to this device

  • The continuous operation. This is when the laser beam is been continuously produced by the device. This mode is utilised to remove moles and skin imperfection.  The power of this fuction can perform cuts into the skin, however this is not the intended use of this device.
  • The Fractional operation. This is when the laser beam is split into different beams lasting a fraction of a second each and are spaced a certain distance. This is the type of operation used in order to perform skin resurfacing treatments and vaginal rejuvenation.

Fractional Function.

The fractional function is the most useful in laser aesthetic applications. This is because the micro injuries caused by the laser cuase collagen regeneration and skin tightening. In Fractional laser mode the device produces an infrared  laser wavelength 11 microns in diameter. While the effects of the laser beam are visible the laser beamitself is not visible to the human eye.  The maximum output of the instrument laser power up to 30 watts, immediately in the absence of focus can also lead to 3 degrees burns. So should be given sufficient attention.
2. Reflection and direct exposure to the human eye
The instrument outputs visible red semiconductor lasers and invisible CO2 lasers, which are harmful to the human body.
Do not look at the red semiconductor laser at all times, even if it does not cause burns to the human eye, but there is a certain degree of damage.
CO2 laser damage is very large, direct exposure to the human eye will lead to blindness, and is irreversible, the operator should be extra careful.
Since the surface of the object, especially the surface of the smooth metal or glass, can form a mirror and reflect the light, so note that the path through which the laser passes should remove such items or surfaces that may produce reflection. In other words, do not irradiate the laser with objects that reflect the light’s performance to prevent the laser that reflects or scatters back from harming the human body.
2.2 Flammable and explosive
Do not use this laser instrument in the presence of flammable and explosive materials. Do not place or store around the instrument. Flammable and explosive materials include: gasoline, alcohol, some narcotic drugs, some solvents, desiccants, ointment, synthetic resin.
2.3 safe operation steps
First, before surgery ‘
1. Keep the instrument surface clean.
2. Get the instrument key.
3. Ask the surgeon how to arrange the instrument and the patient’s position.
4. Mark the laser warning in the eye-catching position.
5. To use a general anesthetic, prepare a wet towel for the patient.
6. Prepare all necessary equipment and tools.
7. Check that the instrument is working properly.
8. Plug the key into the instrument and insert the key. The instrument should be the first self-test, select the work mode into standby work.
9. If necessary, press the Setup key to reset the operating parameters.
10. Check with the road.
11. Press the Setup key to return to the standby operation or turn off the instrument until the operation is switched on.
Second, after surgery is completed
1. Shut down and remove the instrument.
2. Pull out the key and keep it safe.
3. Place the light guide joint arm in the normal position.
4. If necessary, remove the optical accessory and other tools for cleaning or disinfecting.
Chapter 3 Installation of the instrument
3.1 unpacking inspection
The instrument has been passed before the transport of performance debugging and quality testing, we guarantee the quality of products qualified, so unpacking, it should be installed directly.

If you find any damage or other quality problems after unpacking, you should contact the company or your agent immediately. The company is responsible for solving all the quality problems until you are satisfied.
3.2 List of equipment
The laser treatment instrument includes the following components:



The construction of the instrument


The instrument consists of the following parts:
1. Seven joint light guide arm
Laser beam conduction is done by a seven-joint light guide arm. The role of the light guide arm is the laser transmission to the patient to surgery site (target surface) on.
2. Scanner
Equipped with a graphics scanner, you can scan the output rectangle, round, hexagonal, triangle and other graphics, scanning the largest area of about 20 × 20mm2;
3. Machine body
It includes high voltage power supplies, low voltage power supplies, control systems, cooling systems, laser systems and blow systems.
4. Touch the display panel
Mainly used for parameter setting
5. Emergency stop switch
It is a push button switch. When the instrument has abnormal conditions, you can press the emergency stop switch to cut off the instrument power supply system.
6. Key switch
When the key is inserted into the key switch, go to the “ON” position, the instrument power on, turn to “off” position cut off the power, turn off the instrument.
7. Casters.

3.4 Installation

Will be as shown in the direction of the B-direction toward the C-direction of rotation of 180 degrees, the figure A end of the spring toward the direction of the figure automatically locked (if restored to the original position of the A-end reed in the direction of the direction) , And then insert the B end into the main body. Finally lock the light guide arm.
Add water
The water hole and the overflow hole of the plug at the same time unplug, funnel connected to the water hole, into the tank filled with distilled water, until the overflow hole water overflow.
3. Connect the wires and foot switches.
Connect to 220V, 10A single-phase AC power supply, connect the foot switch to the instrument foot switch jack. If the company is responsible for on-site installation, commissioning and delivery. Installation, commissioning personnel at the scene to explain or explain to you about the technical aspects and the use of safe knowledge.
4. Change the water
Replace the water once a month, add purified water or distilled water each time


Chapter 4 Instrument Performance Index
First, the instrument principle
Private laser on the vaginal relaxation is the use of 10600nm moisture absorption of gold standard laser, the use of three-dimensional lattice technology and 360-degree ring launch technology, the perfect combination of vaginal mucosa in the control of the depth of 50-70 degrees Celsius to produce high temperature, And fibroblasts in the muscle layer of fresh, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers and other reorganization, so as to achieve thickening of the vaginal wall, tightening, so that the vagina of the compactness, sensitivity increased, the vagina as compact. Private laser will not produce epidermal burns due to high temperature, each time to homogeneous heat, the role of hundreds of nanometer thickness Muosa organization.
The use of CO2 laser perfect wavelength and thermal ratio, a strong thermal effect can make the vaginal mucosa of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers and organic matrix proliferation and remodeling; CO2 microvascular effect of the principle of vaginal vascular reconstruction, Increased blood flow, active cell function, and thus make the vagina tightening, increased secretion, increased sensitivity, so that the vagina to restore the young, healthy state.


(A) vaginal tightening – matrix and collagen production principle
CO2 shock can induce heat shock response (HSR), can produce heat shock protein (HSP), heat shock protein 70 in laser irradiation, can be transformed into growth factor β, TGF-β in the inflammatory response and fibrosis reaction play a key role , Can induce cells to produce collagen and extracellular matrix. Private youth laser acting on the vaginal mucosa, muscular layer, to stimulate the lamina propria and muscle layer of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers and organic matrix and other large proliferation remodeling, vaginal tightening.
The Role of Collagen Remodeling and Incentive Mechanism
1: Acute thermal injury stage (48-72 hours)
Edema – release of the chemical medium (healing mechanism) – collagen contraction
2: Proliferation period (30 days)
Fibroblast proliferation – new matrix molecules increase – new collagen fibers are formed
3: reconstruction period
Infiltration of inflammatory infiltration – Mature collagen fiber proliferation and collagen fiber remodeling – New elastic fiber increase
(B) to improve the compactness, lubrication – CO2 laser revascularization principle
CO2 laser microvascular stimulation, so that vasodilatation, increased blood flow, thereby making the cell oxidation and nutrient increase, cell function is active.
1. Increased sensitivity
The complete, dynamic response of the vaginal vessels to sexual stimulation plays a key role in the genital response. Such as reducing vasodilation can lead to sexual problems, especially genital arousal disorder, the sensitivity decreased. Accompanied by vaginal lubrication or even dry.
2. Increased lubrication
So that mitochondria release ATP increased, active cell function, so that the role of vaginal mucosa increased, lighter color, enhanced lubrication effect.

Second, the project advantages.
1. Strong tightening, the effect of maintaining a long time
CO2 laser has a perfect ratio of stripping and thermal effects, to stimulate collagen fibers, elastic fibers and other proliferation, remodeling strong, tightening effect. As the CO2 laser to stimulate the principle of vascular regeneration, vaginal blood flow can increase, active cell function, thereby increasing vaginal sensitivity and lubrication, according to the study shows that can change the vaginal PH value, the normal vaginal flora.
2, painless, safe, short treatment time
1. Private youth laser is used in 15 * 15 and 9 * 9 beam mode, like between the beam to retain the normal mucosal tissue, so that the proliferation of more uniform, to avoid thermal damage.
2. The treatment is simple, fast, the whole only 10-15 minutes to complete. Because of the exact effect of private youth laser, treatment safer, high degree of patient acceptance, and can change the vaginal problem in all directions, to restore the “young” state.
3. Simple, effective treatment, safe, no need to rest after surgery, does not affect the work.
4. Can treat all parts of the body, the effect is good, wide source of disease, rich income.
5. The latest international technology, with a large number of clinical experience accumulated light-based beauty means.
6. The highest output energy of the machine up to 80mj, is the highest of similar products.
7. The machine consists of two parts: main engine and handle, the company will erbium glass laser to maintain the original performance but miniaturization, and integrated in the handle, which not only eliminates the loss of fiber transmission, and very easy to repair.
8. The main components imported from abroad, made a lot of innovation in the structure, technical performance reached the international advanced level. For the lamp only need to return the handle to the manufacturer, no need to change the host.
9. non-stripping treatment, no pain, time is short, no adverse reactions, especially for young people.
10. The machine has three different density of micro-beam array output. They can be easily replaced on the handle. For each point density, set a variety of point energy level, for the user for different lesions, to provide tailor-made treatment, so as to achieve the most satisfactory treatment.

Third, the scope and role of treatment.
A), private function:
1 shrinkage: fast tightening, tight tight tightness increased by 60%
2 US Yin: dilute the pigment, beautify the lips pink degree of 70% increase.
3 Run Yin: improve the secretion, to eliminate dryness increased by 80%.
4 Yin: deep anti-aging, to prevent aging to increase the young 80%.
5 Increased sensitivity.
6 private health, balance PH, improve the internal environment.

Adapt to the crowd:
1, have had fertility experience of women.
2, SEX experienced more than 3 years of women.
3, SEX frequent women.
4, abortion women.
5, women with gynecological problems.
6, SEX climax low number of women.

Two), dot matrix and pulse function:
1. various scars (surgical scars, burns scars, scald scars)
2. eliminate pigmentation (freckles, sun spots, age spots, sunburn, chloasma, etc.)
3. get rid of stretch marks.
4. full skin (rejuvenation, firming, shrink pores, nodular acne
5. vascular lesions (capillary hyperplasia, rosacea)
6. Remove fake, true wrinkles
7. eliminate youth pock

Fourth, the core technology
Smooth technology
1. The ideal laser wavelength can be absorbed on the micrometer-sized tissue on the mucosa to avoid thermal damage to the deep tissue or organ.
2. Laser energy to the optimal intermittent interval, short pulse in the form of output, to avoid the formation of high temperature on the skin surface and cause thermal damage, and mucosal tissue within a few hundred microns thick surface layer to form a uniform thermal effect.
3. The use of Smooth smooth mode, such as feathery soft non-invasive mode of treatment of vaginal mucosal tissue, no bleeding phenomenon, because the model can be precise control of the temperature to avoid tissue damage.

Gold 360 ring launch technology
The laser passes through a gold-plated 360 ° reflective handpiece, acting in a circular light-emitting mode to the vaginal wall. To not contact the vaginal wall of the treatment, but the laser energy uniform and comprehensive role in the vagina of the whole. The technology makes the vaginal laser tightening technology easier to operate, shorter treatment time, higher security.