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The BeautyTeck Plus is the ultimate generation of cosmetic devices for Cosmetic Clinics and Beauticians and it has commercial intended use only. This instrument is really advanced with various new features. It has a vast array of applications and these are limited to the manufacturer’s protocols.

The BeautyTeck Plus device has been designed to make cosmetic equipment portable, precise, safe, versatile and easy to use. It is a good substitute of cosmetic lasers and it can be used in conjunction with them because the power levels of lasers are generally too high for the delicate procedures in cosmetics.

The principle of operation of the BeautyTeck Plus device can be explained as follows: The difference in voltage between the skin and the tip of the device produces a small electrical arc which is regulated by the embedded CPU.

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Start Counter Example & Explention in Videos Read More 
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Whole Counter

Whole Counter Mode one of the most important functions in the new Beautyteck Plus device with plasma is the whole counter mode. The market is the lack of digital electronic control of this device in terms of the duration of the arc. Duration of the arc is one of the most important points in the use of this type of devices for aesthetic purposes. Because the duration of the arc will have repercussions on the amount of energy you put into the skin and then if you actually place whatever arc or whatever frequency and whatever power level for long enough, you can actually go into the bone.

For example, if you have got a very low power arcing device and you place the arc for long enough, for example, 20 seconds, you make your bets you are going into the bone. So in our new device, you’re able to control the milliseconds the amount of the arcing.  you are going to put onto the skin.

Basically, the new function is called the Whole counter. So what you are able to do with this function. With the help of this function. you can precisely and digitally control the timing of the arc.

Why is that important?

This is important because at this time the arc is controlled either using a button or using your own hands and the counting mechanism is your eyes are not able to count the millisecond and also unable to see when the arc is ON and OFF. Also, your hands are not as precise either.  But a computer is really can help us to solve this problem and we have made this available in our new device.

You are now able to set the exact timing of the arcing and the energy will be delivered in a digitally controlled system. The longer you are actually applying the arc. The more energy you are applying on the skin and in the shortest time. The less energy you are applying into the skin. So in both cases, you are unable to perfect measurement of arc whereas a computer does. This is the most accurate and safest energy delivering device in the market. The reason behind that because you are not relying on your eyes and on your hands or on your judgment—instead, you are relying on a computer for the duration of the arc.

How does the whole counter Work?

If the target time is set at 600 milliseconds in whole counter mode. We want the exact duration of the arc to be 600 milliseconds and then to shuts off. let’s say you have the arc in the region for 200 milliseconds. In that region of time, our hands are not very precise or you may move your hands unintentionally, then the arc will shut off and when the arc is off then the counter stops counting.

So, There are still 400 milliseconds to keep the arc ON and again it is managed to get the arc on for 50 milliseconds because your hand is not very good and trembling, so the arc again switched OFF inadvertently for in the region of 10 milliseconds.

Because of repeatedly ON and OFF, the computer counts 200 plus 50 plus 60 which is 310 milliseconds. As because of the timing is set at 600 milliseconds, the TIP of the device will not shut off and wait for another 290 milliseconds of timing in order to shut OFF. When you move your hand and you manage to get the arc on, if it is on then after remaining 290 milliseconds the device will automatically shut off.

Whole Counter Example & Explanation in Video

Start Counter

The importance of the Start Counter is the same as the Whole Counter. Both are giving the option to control the duration of the Arc digitally. Because the duration of the arc as you must know already is extremely important and the outcome of aesthetic procedures using arcane devices and plasma devices.

We have already read about the importance of the arc duration and plasma devices for aesthetic uses and digital control because the arc duration is proportional to the amount of energy that you put into the skin which extremely important. And also it’s proportional to the intensity of the treatment.

We know that hand control and eye feedback is not accurate. The counting of arc time using your brain and your eyes are not accurate a computer does a match better job.

The Main difference between the Start counter and the Whole counter is that with start counter we are controlling the maximum duration of the arc. We could also call it max counter or maximum time of arcing. We control the maximum duration of the arc so its increase the safety.

So let’s take for an example if you are doing eyelid tightening and you want to make sure that the arc doesn’t much more than for example 600 milliseconds. You will never be going to exceed the duration of 600 milliseconds. You can set the maximum duration of the arc. So we can set it up from 30mm, 40mm so on after whatever length you want.

How start counter works?

let’s take for an example you are setting the start counter to count the maximum duration of the arc for 600 milliseconds. What the device does Switch ON the needle (TIP) of Device and waits for the arc to take place. It does not start counting up until it detects that the arc is taking place. When the arc is detected then it starts counting.

let’s assume we set the device at 600 milliseconds. So when the arc is ON so computer starts immediately counting keeps the TIP of the device ON just as long as 600 milliseconds no more no less.

After the arc is detected it does not matter whether arc was ON for 10 milliseconds or 500 milliseconds or 590 milliseconds. it will keep the tip ON for 600 milliseconds no matter what.

That’s really very important to understand this thing.

Start Counter Example & Explention in Videos

Difference between Whole Counter and Start Counter

Start Counter

  • Set the maximum time of Arc.
  • In start counter Soon as the arc, start to take place the counter starts and its finishes exactly at 600ms. When the device switches Off the power to the tip-off.
    So start counter in simple words is the device starts counting when it detects the arc take place and it does not matter how much takes place for 5 milliseconds, 1m, 10mm, it will start counting at that point no matter what so this way we called start the counter.
  • So start counter gives you the option of making sure you have a limit to the arcking time. That is a limit that is digitally controlled. It’s not a limit that you can control using your eyes using your hands on your perception in general that as a human is not that good I mean so this why computer help us.

Whole Counter

  • Set the Whole Time of the Arc.
  • In the whole counter what we do is actually counting the total time of arcing for example 600 milliseconds. The device will make sure that the arc duration in total 600 milliseconds it doesn’t matter the interval in between. When the arc is off it will still wait to arc to take place (ON)  whether the arc is OFF for 10, 20, 50 milliseconds. It up until counts and overall 600 milliseconds.
  • The whole counter we call whole counter because it counts the whole time of arcing.


The main reason for introduced the PULSE mode is to allow you  hot plasma, not cold plasma to do skin resurfacing and use doing skin surfacing using the hot plasma and the pulse mode allows you to do  major therapeutic treatments because after you have done the resurfacing the skin resurfacing using this technique and you can do without anesthetics by the way then you can apply whatever product you like part of the skin you have treated  and the skin will be very susceptible  to absorbing almost any product that you are putting on it so that allows you to actually give you an extra edge to your clinic and the very very important points  is that is the only hot plasma device.

That we know that allows you to the skin resurfacing  with no anesthetics  the trick is that we are operating why we don’t need any anesthetics there’s no pain is that we’re operating very very short bursts of time in the region of a few milliseconds between 50 to 200 milliseconds you can also operate the pulse more the higher rates than that as you say even and the order of 300 400 milliseconds and so on but that it’s not allowing you to do this sort of treatment.

What is Pulse Mode

The Pulse mode is only possible because of the digital control of the arc duration.  Because of the hands and human eyes not capable of controlling the arc to that in the order of that speed even if you’re shy you cannot do it.

So it’s only possible because a computer is controlling the arcing process. Actually, It is controlling ON and OFF periods of the TIP of the device.

The arcing process is controlled by the computer by the whole mode ( To Understand the Whole Mode you can watch our whole counter video ).

The energy delivered is in the transitional period of the arc provided that the duration of the arc is less than 200 milliseconds approximately less than 200 milliseconds.

If we just to recap the transitional periods of the ARC. What is it when you first apply an arc on the skin. It’s not as the arc reaches immediately its rated power.

It will require a bit of time to get to that power level. That bit of time is called the transient period. The growth of Transient it goes really fast at the beginning then reach the plateau. Which is the nominal power of the are unusually 80 to 90% of the nominal power of the arc is achieved within 200 milliseconds.

it really depends on the frequency and other variables. So you can actually keep the 200 milliseconds as a benchmark at the moment for example.

Best Application of Beatyteck Plus Pulse Mode is skin resurfacing using hot plasma without the need of anesthetics.

If you try the same thing with other devices that haven’t got this function. They’re not digitally controlled. This is actually too painful in most of the cases. Resurfacing not only do skin resurfacing but this makes it easier for any substances to be absorbed by the skin.

How Pulse Mode Works

Try to Define the working of beautyteck Plus Pulse Mode in the right-hand graph.

So basically in the user interface. We have 2 options something called Whole pulse and Rate.

The Whole pulse is expressed in milliseconds. let’s assume that we’re going to do for example a whole pulse of 1000 milliseconds which is one (1) second and then the rates we are going to use 1%.  so basically 1% of 1,000 milliseconds is 10 milliseconds.

That means when you start the device the TIP is on for 1% of the Whole pulse time.  which is 10 milliseconds. So it’s off for 990 milliseconds and after milliseconds it is ON for 10 milliseconds. Then Bang is off again because it’s reached the whole pulse time limit.  which is a 1000 milliseconds so it’s off.

The example of 1% tip of the device is OFF for 990 milliseconds and ON for 10 milliseconds out of from total 1,000 milliseconds.

Then the process repeats itself over and over and over and over again. So OFF for 990 milliseconds and ON for 10 milliseconds.

In the ON time what you get. If you looked at what you get on the output of the needle is the usual Sine wave. which we talked about in other videos at a certain frequency and a certain voltage. ( you can check out that particular video on youtube channel ).

With our, device you cannot change the voltage only but you can change the frequency also.

Most of the devices you can only change the voltage. you can have maybe 10 steps multi 10 voltage steps. But in with our device can change an incredible amount of voltage steps and you can change the frequency as well. we’re going to give you the frequency ranges in other videos very important as well so you’ve got lots of variables to play with now in order to make sure that the concept is very very clear.

Pulse Mode Full Explanation


When We actually start what happens in the transition period is that. When we start the arc it’s not as it actually goes immediately to its final value. There is a transition Period behind that in which the growth is exponential and then over a few milliseconds it goes to 80 to 90% to 100% of its nominal value.

The same thing happens when we switch the ARC OFF. The arc is doesn’t want to switch OFF naturally wants to continue so extinguish as an exponential decaying in the time domain.

So basically to give you an idea we’re going to look at the right-hand graph. So let’s say we switch ON the arc at (Fig Point A) point to the arc quickly in the order of 10 to 20 milliseconds that area (Fig Point A)  is in milliseconds. Wo we reach into the valley which is only a fraction of the final value in the region of say 15 – 115 or something of the sort of the final value.

So (Fig Point A)  from in the region of 10 to 20 milliseconds and then after in the region of a 100 milliseconds or something of the sort. Then we reach in almost the maximum value so these numbers which we are using in the graph are not precise is just to give you an idea of how the arc cooperates.

The same thing happens at the OFF time in the OFF time. When we turn off the device it will continue sparking for a little time in the region of a 100 milliseconds or less in the region. It takes 10 milliseconds the same as the start point.

Right-Hand side Fig shows that what happens is when we’re working in the region of 50 milliseconds 20 or 10 milliseconds. we are working  (Fig Point A)  on period.  Because the arc does know have the time to actually get to its full intensity. So by the time a is actually growing exponentially (Fig 2 ON TIME) for example, this is  50  milliseconds. The same thing happens when Arc switch OFF after 20 to 25 milliseconds it goes switch OFF.  (Fig 2 ).


What is Cold Plasma and Transition?

Power Levels

First of all, we would like to run your through the basic circuit designed. In new Beautyteck device, we have some actually changed the design of the device. We have a completely different concept of delivering the very best plasma device todays. So what we have done has just changed the transformer. Right now we are using a very good step-up transformer. From the one side of the transformer, there is a Digital Entrance Input a SINE WAVE which is digitally created. Therefore we can change that digitally its voltage and frequency.

The Output we are going to get the same SINE WAVE but a  higher voltage and at the same frequency. So what we end up with is a device that’s got variable voltage and variable frequency.  Beauty tech Device the variable frequency goes throughout a very vast range now this is not trivial this is non-trivial at all.  Because no other device that is on the market at the moment has even got a variable frequency and certainly no other device is going to have for a long time the same range of frequencies that we have got.

Why Variable Frequency

The main purpose is because when you conveyed the frequency you can also vary the depth of ablation provided that the voltage is the same. So Higher the frequency the less degree of ablation and the lower the frequency the higher is the degree of ablation keeping the voltage and the arc duration the same and this is a very important function of the new device.

What is the frequency?

Many People actually confused the frequency with something else was the power level and some of the steps and many other things in order to make it clear to you. What we get at the output of our plasma device and most of the other plasma devices as well is a simple SINE WAVE and that is the case for almost all the plasma devices

physics of arc


Aftercare is more important than the aesthetic treatment itself. If the area treated is not kept clean, there is a potential risk of developing infections and this applies to any type of aesthetic treatments. Aftercare is usually far more important than the way the aesthetic treatment is carried out.

It is also important to avoid direct sun exposure of the area treated for at least 3 months. Total sun screen must be worn every day even if there is no direct sun exposure. Although the risks of hyperpigmentation are low they still exist and they usually occur due to excessive sun exposure too early even while using total sun screen.

After care videos


ARETON BEAUTY is a very versatile portable cosmetic equipment. The device is to be used only for aesthetic purposes any other purposes are strictly forbidden. The user must adhere to these cosmetic applications as outlined in this manual.

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