If you have savings and you would like it to work for you why not put it at work through our real estate projects. We borrow from sevar banks t finance our projects , however how about having also you to profit from our projects and not only the banks.

This option will allow you to earn a fixed interest rate which the bank will not be able to give you. The interest rate we pay you is between 6% to 7% based on the type of project we are working on.

The way it works is that we start to give you the interest from the day your capital hits our accounts.

How safe is my capital? This is one of the safest investments you can make because we are very cautious and conservative in our investments. We always look at the worst case scenarios and we make sure we minimize the downside as much es possible especially when using your capital.

How do you make money from my capital?

This is very simple we make sure that your money works harder than the interest we are paying back to you. Our real estate projects must bring minimum a  of 15% return on investment.

How to you calculate the return on investment? We calculate the return on investment based only o the rental income and nothing else. We do not count on potential future capital appreciation as we have no control over it.

Where does the interest you pay me come from? It comes from the positive cash-flow from our existing portfolio we already have.