Sl. No. Hand-pieces focal depth Treatment area Power Pitch Width Length Clearance Hand-pieces treating at the same area together Requiring treatment lines
1. 3.0 mm. Neck 0.5J-1.0J 1.5mm-2.5mm 10mm 1.5mm 1.5mm
  • The first step:treating face by 4.5mm depth hand-pieces transverse line;
  • The second step: treating face by 3.0mm depth hand-pieces vertical line.
2. Under-jaw 0.7J-1.0J
3. Jaw 0.6J-1.0J
4. Cheeks 0.8J-1.5J
5. Temples 0.5J-0.7J
6. Nasolabial Fold 0.4J-0.6J
7. Forehead 0.4J-0.8J 15mm-18mm
8. 4.5mm Neck 0.6J-1.0J 1.5mm-2.5mm 10mm 25mm 1.5mm
9. Under-jaw 0.8J-1.2J
10. Jaw 0.6J-1.0J
11. Cheeks 0.8J-1.5J
12. Temple 0.4J-0.7J
13. Nasolabial Fold 0.4J-0.8J 15mm-18mm
14. Forehead 0.5J-0.8J