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  1. What is Facial Redness Spider Vain?
  2. what causes Red Spider Veins?
  3. Symptoms of Red skin Spider vein.
  4. How to get rid of Red skin spider veins?
  5. Spider vein Laser Therapy
  6. Machine effect
  7. Our Service and Treatment
  8. Machine overview.
  9. Instrument Parameters
  10. Machine Usage.
  11. Technical Guideline of Machine
  12. System Safety
  13. Support and feedback
  14. Frequently asked questions
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What is Facial Redness and Spider Vein?

Facial Redness and Blood Vessels. Broken blood vessels spider veins can cause redness on the face. Many patients wish to reduce the appearance of veins and redness in the facial area. Laser technology offer a safe, non-invasive treatment for reducing or eliminating this redness and discoloration.


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  Concept of redness   : 

Redness are generally on the sensitive skin. In the early stages of skin sensitivity, face red, itchy, swollen, the redness can be clearly seen out of the skin. The total weight of the human skin is 5 % 15% of the body. More polluting, the larger the area of exposed skin, the longer the time, the greater the injured. Human skin has four functions including barrier, regulation, homeostasis and metabolism.

The most critical health bio molecules of the skin is collagen and elastic, and it is the key of skin health, elasticity and vitality. Skin blood vessels has the function of regulation, and nutrition. The contraction of blood vessels and blood oxygen saturation can affect the color of the skin, skin pale for vasoconstriction, kin turns red for vasodilation, the skin will become purple for slow blood flow. Epidermal thickness approximately 0.1mm, two categories of cell mainly by keratinocytes and dendritic cells. Keratinocytes accounted for more than 80% of the epidermal cells.

Produce keratin in the process of differentiation, keratinocyte cell proliferation in certain regularity, daily about 10% of the cells mitotic activity, in order gradually moved upward by the under layer migration to the uppermost layer of the granular layer of approximately 14 days and then move to the surface of the cuticle off and it takes 14 days, a total of about 28 days, if the poor quality of skin care products will result in originally injured skin again damaged skin and then the wind and sun, radiation, capillary hypoxia, lack of water and the activity of the enzyme, the capillary wall cells lose their vitality, causing blood clotting, the capillary blocking expansion rupture performance in the face pointlike mesh, dendritic, red or purple, which is what we call red blood.

How the redness form ?

The formation of red blood for many reasons, reasons can be divided into primary and secondary.

1. Most of the primary congenital someone the parents or family has history of this disease; 2. regional factors: such as highland climate stimulates and high altitude hypoxia of the skin, resulting in the increase in the number of red blood cells cause telangiectasia rupture.

3.physical factors: cold stimulation, the air is dry, sand climate, sun exposure, so that the capillary tolerated than the normal range, cause telangiectasia broken.

  • 4. personal habits factors: If you like spicy food, hobby are closely linked in the incidence of alcohol and tobacco, and telangiectasia.
  • 5. Ultraviolet radiation: strong ultraviolet radiation damage the cuticle, causing poor performance telangiectasia, causing redness; the cuticle grinding, cause cuticle damage caused redness;
  • 6. use of cosmetics containing heavy metals and other toxins residual epidermis, causing allergic reactions, damage to the cuticle, causing redness;
  • 7. local longterm use of corticosteroid hormone drugs, causing telangiectasia, resulting in thinning of the skin, atrophy;
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What causes Red Spider Veins ?

Facial spider veins are broken blood vessels on the face that become dilate and noticeable. Factors contributing to the development of facial spider sun damage, aging, heredity, injury, reactions to topical irritants, hormonal shifts associated with pregnancy and  and over consumption of alcohol.


Symptoms of Red skin Spider vein.

 1)  Your skin appears to be or looks like it is turning red.

2)  You might also experience uncontrollable burning, blushing, flushing, or unusual warmth on your skin.

3)  Your skin can also look red, inflamed, flushed, or blushed.


How do I get rid of Red skin spider veins ?

Laser Therapy:

Laser Therapy is very effective for treating spider veins on the face or any other area where the damaged veins are close to the surface of the skin. A doctor treats the facial spider veins with a laser, and the heat of the laser damages the vein, causing it to scar and preventing blood from entering it in the future.

There is little recovery time associated with Laser Therapy for spider vein removal, and it is effective for treating facial veins because it is non-invasive and does not cause visible scarring on the surface of the skin. However, Laser Therapy only treats surface veins; if you have deeper veins that are causing the surface spider veins, Sclerotherapy may be a better option, or your doctor may recommend a combination of the two procedures.


…Spider vein Laser Therapy…

Machine effect-1

Vascular veins Removal

  1. The Vascular Veins Removal
  2. 2.Energy suggestion: begin at 5 J/cm2, the highest one stop at 10 J/cm 2.
  3. For big vascular removal, suggest begin use the energy between 10-12 J/cm2.


  1. Use the pedal after the needles go thought the skin.
  2. keep needles 90°treatment. Only needle tip touch skin.
  3. Stop 2-3 seconds in the skin.

Machine effect -2

Warnings after treatment

When the treatment is over, patient should not use any product and respired product, don’ t touch water, During treatment,disable the acrid food, smoking wine, fasting, pigment content of food, seafood (such as cattle and sheep meat), caraway, celery, disable cleanser, the sauna, and irritant to protect skin to taste, not to do strenuous exercise, seven days later, daub the product of repair layer recovery two period of treatment, Only make corneous layer recovery in patients with good, new red blood silk will not be regeneration of. If patient don’ t obey the above issues, the following phenomena will appear:

Machine effect -3

Warnings During the treatment

1 .In the treatment, treatment handle should not plunge into the deep, or dermal will be damaged and influence treatment effect, then heavy color skin will be form after repair, and repair time also will be affected, standard method is the treatment with handle tip in keep slightly down on the skin.

The phenomenon if stay back to above issues could aroused: the color of the treatment part will appear heavy, you need to smear the repair essence with two period of treatment, totally two months, its repair is also possible, color sink will fade away gradually disappear, but time will be longer.

Machine effect -4

Warnings During the treatment

2.Special attentions: the differences between red and blood vessels: the red blood silk is formed with thin comeum caused expansion in facial point, mesh, dendritic, filaments, red or purple; so-called blood vessels are similar to the red blood silk facially, but it is not actually. It is too recognize them apart. With naked eyes, blood vessels which looks liked blood silk is in the deep skin of cheeks, and it is easy to see when you stretch, turn to small when release, so do not do such false red blood silk, no effort will be find, this device is only focus on the red blood silk with.


Our Service and Treatment

(Faireal MED LASER)



Overview of Machine.


Instrument parameters

Input power: 70 W

Output power: 50 W

Output voltage: AC 90 V-240V

Output frequency: 30MHz

Work mode: CW and pulse

Treatment of needle wire: 0.01mm ( Diameter )

Series needles Specification:0.16/0.18/0.20*7mm

Output mode: Continuous and pulsed two modes

Hand length:15cm

Stand-by working: Continuously for 24 hours


Liquid crystal display: 4.5 Inch

Operating mode: Color Touch

Power: AC 110V/230V±10% 50 Hz

Dimensions: 45.5 X 46 X 41 CM


Technical Guideline of Machine

Machine Introduction and installation Video ( Part-1)

Internal Settings and Functions.

 Internal setting guideline

  1. The Pouch/BlackHead/Acne Rosacea Removal can treat the function as:  Pouch,Blackhead and Acne Rosacea.
  2. 2.Energy suggestion: begin at 1 J/CM2, the highest one is : 15 J/cm2
  3. Pulse Width : 10 (The number grow as the energy grow)
  4. Spacing: 10 (The number grow as the energy grow)

Frequently asked questions

Can redness be removed at once?


Yes. You can see bloodshot disappear on the spot of the first time removal. In order to repaired skin quickly, we can appropriately take graded treatment according to the bloodshot distribution area.

The difference between QJ-203A and other redness removal instrument?


The QJ203A, it is painless treatment which can make bloodshot instantly disappear, and never rebound. Other methods maybe painful, and the effect is neither significant nor complete.

Will there be trauma after treatment? Will it leaves a scar?


Almost no wound, the speckle is thinner than a human hair and can be repaired within 3 days. It won’ t leave a scar or marks after treatment.

For how long can it be kept after treatment? Will it rebound?


It will not relapse after treatment, no recurrence in the rest of life.

5.What do we need to pay attention to after treatment?


Spicy food, sea food, smoking and drinking are taboos. Washing face, taking bath and applying cosmetics are not allowed. It is better to use special repairing liquid provided by the company.

Can all kinds of blood threads be cured?


Yes. Spider veins, linear or silk veins, genetic and acquired; flat or bump cherry vascular tumors are not a problem. Regardless of the depth, position and condition of your red blood veins, our equipment can lift you up.

Is the treatment painful? Does the redness will occur?


The pain is hardly felt. A slight redness will appear, but disappear quickly.

It will not affect your normal life and work.

How long does the treatment take?


Treatment time varies with the area of red blood veins. Generally it will need 515 minutes.

Is the treatment received in any season acceptable?


Treating red blood veins has nothing with seasons. It can be done in any season

Our company solemnly promises:

We provide a whole year free aftersale service since the date of signing a contract. However, damages caused by man and consumables are not included. If the equipment fails during the warranty time, our engineers will solve your problem within the shortest time. This equipment will have a lifelong maintenance. While if some parts need to be changed, you need to pay


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Please read the following announcement carefully…

a.Treatment areas will form the blush, once formed flush, the solution is to daub patients down red factor (a month and a half), their own repair may also okas repair and metabolism, blush will slowly disappear, but the time may be longer.

Note: Must avoiding to the triangle area on the face.

b. Restart the machine.

c. LCD components damaged, please contact with the manufacturer maintenance department.

Blank Screen and No Electricity or No Energy Output

LCD components damaged, please contact with the manufacturer maintenance department.

a. Check whether the red emergency stop switch in the up position.

b. Check that the Power Socket plug has been wired up properly

c. Change the power line.

a. Check if the equipment is in working status.

b. Check the treatment hand piece is plugged.

c. Check that the foot switch is in working status: Step on the foot switch, if no work instruction, the power Semiconductor Component is damaged. Please contact the Manufacturer.

2.The equipment should to avoid the fierce collision.

Please note: Do not step on, extrude, and strong rub the power cord. Do not place items on the power cord. Seize the plastic parts of the power cord when install it.

3.Keep the system stay away from the inflammable, explosive, gas radiation area. Instrument cannot be stored in the dusty and humid environment.